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Popya with Lyssa Limbo - Love is the basis of Lilato Foundation

2022-01-12  Staff Reporter

Popya with Lyssa Limbo - Love is the basis of Lilato Foundation

Terence Mukasa


The newly-established Lilato Foundation made their second donation of 230 pairs of school shoes to learners of the Kasheshe Combined School in Katima Mulilo on Monday.

The school is identified as one of the poverty-stricken schools in the Zambezi region. It has more than 200 learners who do not have appropriate school shoes to wear.

The foundation was established in December 2021 to help the less privileged learners around the Zambezi region, focusing on ensuring no child in the region goes to school without shoes. 

They made the first donation of shoes at the Bito Village last week.

Founder of Lilato Foundation Lyssa Limbo told Youth Corner she intends on positively impacting the lives of these children, so they can know they are not alone in their suffering, and that they are loved dearly. 

“With a donation of N$10 000 and other items we have received from different individuals, I am sure we will make a big difference in the lives of those who will benefit from the donation,” said Limbo.

The foundation consists of eight members: Lyssa Limbo, Advent Mukubonda, Lisa Lisho, Gina Kamwi, Tembwe Mulozi, Mwinda Kambinda, Muhau Limbo and Fritz Muitumwa.

“Before the donation hand over, we had 100 pairs of shoes. However, we managed to double that number to cater for a larger number, but not the entire population of approximately 400 needy learners,” said Limbo.

Limbo hopes to see zero learners walking barefoot to school in the near future. 

Katima Mulilo education circuit inspector Dile Limbo said the initiative is highly appreciated.

“At Kasheshe, we have a large number of vulnerable children as well as those who were previously and continue to be marginalised,” he said.

On her part, Lisho said the Lilato Foundation has a long-term objective of also catering to learners who are unable to dress warmly during winter.

“No one should die from the cold when we, as a community, can do something about it,” said Lisho.

Lilato means love in Silozi.


2022-01-12  Staff Reporter

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