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Popya with with Ekonia Kamati - Love the Namibian child

2022-06-22  Staff Reporter

Popya with with Ekonia Kamati - Love the Namibian child

Emilie Shimbali


Eleven years ago, the Dream Namibian Child organisation embarked upon a journey to give every child in the Tobias Hainyeko constituency the opportunity to make the most of their childhood. 

Recently, the organisation celebrated its 11th-year milestone at the Natanael Maxwilili centre, and their mission remains unchanged: to give love to a Namibian child.

Its founder Ekonia Kamati said she started the organisation after realising that some children in the informal settlement don’t get enough love from home and don’t have a shoulder to cry on. 

His drive to spread love became more serious when he went overseas and saw how people cared for each other, which, according to him, lacks in our country.

“My idea, off course, started with charity work and we slowly changed to giving all kinds of support,” he said.

Over 35 children and parents who attended the celebration were elated to celebrate the existence of the non-profit organisation, despite all challenges they still encounter.

Heavily leaning on the pockets of members, good Samaritans, generous donors and the local community, the centre assists children with their homework, helps with grooming the children, donates school uniforms.

One of the volunteers, Mirjam Hangula, stated that their work hugely impacts children and makes a difference to the families they support. 

“Here, we believe it takes a community to raise a child. Our little effort turned into something where children can create memories they cherish for a lifetime,” she said.

A graduate and two undergraduate students from Namibia University of Science and Technology who are some of the products of the organisation, agreed that it was worth celebrating.

“I give great thanks to this organisation for their emotional and physical care,” said undergraduate Frieda Gabriel, who is one of the organisation’s proud products.

Gabriel was at the centre since its inception in 2011 while she was very young. 

The organisation plans a series of events throughout the year, all in the name of teaching children how to refrain from toxic activities on the streets.

“None of this would happen without the generosity of our volunteers. It’s their belief in our work that keeps us going. Hence, whoever wish to donate finances, clothes or food, is welcome,” Kamati said. 


2022-06-22  Staff Reporter

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