• October 1st, 2020

Popyeni releases ‘Let’s work’

Sabati Popyeni has recently released a book, titled ‘Let’s work’, which touches on his observation on customer services in Namibia. He writes as someone who has worked in the service industry over the years.
The book allows the reader to discover and understand why service in Namibia is as it is. He told Entertainment Now! that the book also touches on the ‘grit’ in people and on why people need to go above what’s expected of them at work.’’ There was a time in my life I was looking for literature on Namibian customer service and I could not find one. It triggered me to write about it – not just from my experience but by interviewing others and get their point of view,’’ he explained. 

‘Let’s work’ is a collection of not only Popyeni’s thoughts but that of research. The idea was to make it easy to read a book and create an opportunity for people to discuss and come up ‘collectively’ with ways we can improve. It is not ‘a to-do book’, but rather an awakening book that can make you look at your work environment. 

‘’I’ve been blessed to have worked with different people at a very young age. Once you read my book, you will have a clear idea of where I come from and what my experiences are. I’m a firm believer that the youth of today are smarter and more aware simply because information is now easier to get too. What I find lacking is the will to think out of the box for the benefit of all. With so much information and access, there are also destructions,’’ he explained.

Popyeni feels this is why you find 35-year-olds changing jobs frequently or young entrepreneurs who do everything and not specialise in a certain thing. He believes he is a change agent just by using his experience and guiding where he can.  
The father of two started Let’s Work Commercial Group as a training facilitator, where they specialise in training people on customer service and speak highly on human capacity building. 

‘’It’s time we tell our stories. It’s time we teach in schools our stories; It’s time we recognise and invest more in us. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that its easier for the rest of the world to shut down and they are fine, yet we struggle because we depended so much on foreigners. This is our time to take our case studies, study them and find ways to make it work for us – enough so that when they come, they adopt and not us buying what they have for sale. This little, easy-to-read book is a Namibian story by a Namibian for Africa. It should inspire others to come out,’’ he ended.

He has deliberately delayed placing the book in stores now, just so readers can get it at an affordable, signed copy prize. Once it goes to the stores, he will have no control of it and its likely to cost more. One can order the book by clicking on his bio on all his social media pages. LinkedIn: Popyeni Kaxuxwena, Facebook: Sabati Popyeni, Instagram: Popyeni_sabati, Twitter: Popyeni79 or e-mail me at popyeni@letswork-cg.com
 – slunyangwe@nepc.com.na

Strauss Lunyangwe
2020-08-03 12:17:09 | 1 months ago

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