• July 20th, 2019
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Positions in Swapo not for sale – Shaningwa

WINDHOEK - Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa yesterday emphasised that positions in the party are not for sale and members should not wait for elections to pay huge subscription amounts only for the purpose of securing positions in the ruling party.

“It should be clear that positions are not for sale, but loyalty and commitment to party counts,” Shaningwa stressed yesterday at a media briefing where she addressed the first meeting with party regional coordinators at the party headquarters in Windhoek.  

This is an election year and as usual the party has to conduct internal democratic processes to elect members who will be the possible 96 parliamentarians, through the electoral college, Shaningwa said. 

“Last-minute payments of subscription and one percent payments shall not be entertained. We want party members and cadres to consistently be in good and regular standing in terms of their payments and not wait for elections to pay huge amounts for the purpose of positions only,” she stated. Therefore, Shaningwa said, vetting on all these aspects would be strict.

The secretary general also touched on discipline, saying there is no room for indiscipline in the ruling party and that no one will be given special treatment.  Without referencing a particular incident, Shaningwa said she had noticed with concern a level of indiscipline in some quarters of the party. “And I repeat that indiscipline attitudes shall be dealt with,” she warned.
Shaningwa also touched on the remuneration of branch coordinators and the party’s year programme. “Today is the final verification so that these branch coordinators could receive their token of appreciation from the party as those cadres have, and continue to work for the party without any compromise.”

In addition, Shaningwa said, the party would embark on the renewal of mandates for all sections, branches and the majority of districts.  She said the renewal of mandates commence March 1 to May 31. 

“That means sections leadership will be renewed in March, branches in April and districts in May,” she explained.
She further said requirements for positions such as regional coordinator are that such persons should have been a member of the party for at least 10 consecutive years and information and mobilisation officers for five years.

“There have been reports that some cadres have been elected into positions of authority without meeting the requirements. All leaders must meet the requirements as stipulated in the policy documents,” said Shaningwa. 
She noted that the party wants to ensure that each election is conducted in a free, transparent and fair manner, therefore election committees for each election will be established in accordance with rules and procedures. 
The Presidential and National Assembly Elections will take place in November. 
– Additional reporting by Nampa

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