• June 6th, 2020

PPPs key to investment in //Kharas

Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop-Many investors are flocking to the //Kharas Region with the aim of partnering with the regional council and local authorities on projects that will help develop the region. This year every month potential investors made presentations to //Kharas Regional Council and the council’s chairperson, Jan Scholtz, says this year has seen a significant increase in the number of investors willing to invest and bring about development in the region. In an interview with New Era, Scholtz said the public private partnerships (PPP) are very critical, especially at this stage and economic condition of the country, saying government cannot do everything on its own. It is therefore imperative for the council to collaborate with those willing to invest in the region, so that development is brought to the region. “The PPPs are very important. Nowadays we cannot only rely on government funding, so we need to engage ourselves in these partnerships in order to bring development to our people,” he said. He further said there has been a significant increase in investors willing to seriously explore various opportunities in the region and that while there are many areas that potential investors can invest in, solar energy, housing and sanitation are the areas most investors are interested in. “The number of investors has increased and those that want to invest are serious and matured and really want to make things happen,” he said. One of those companies looking to exploit the PPPs is Age Technologies. Namibian partner Engelhard Haihambo in an interview with New Era emphasised the importance of these partnerships, saying public entities - be it regional councils or town councils - might not have everything at their disposal to deliver services to the people and this is where private entities can help with technical knowhow or funds. He said PPPs are important, as they have become a tested vehicle to bring about development that would have otherwise been stalled due to reasons, such as land, or funds or lack of capacity, adding that these partnerships are enablers of development.Haihambo, whose company is interested in solar energy, further said the //Kharas Region has huge potential for solar energy and this could benefit many communities that still do not have electricity and moreover, that solar energy projects can complement government’s rural electrification programme. “We thank government for its efforts with rural electrification, but with the pace of the programme we will not be able to provide electricity to all corners of our country – and through PPPs there is a potential to accelerate this,” he said.
New Era Reporter
2017-09-11 09:19:48 | 2 years ago

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