• May 27th, 2019
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President meets security chiefs

Staff Reporter

WINDHOEK - President Hage Geingob on Wednesday met the leadership of the Namibian Police, Namibia Central Intelligence Service and Council of Defence to discuss various matters related to security and defence matters of the country.

Geingob, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Namibian Defence Force by virtue of being Head of state, also wanted to tap the security apparatuses for their work under challenging circumstances.
He was emphatic in his applause for law enforcement agencies for working towards a safe and secure nation, and encouraged them to do more with less, his Press Secretary Dr Alfredo Hengari said.
President Geingob used the meeting with Namibian Police to encourage them to increase efforts in fighting crime, and to thank them for their work over the past months, including recent successes and arrests related to drug trafficking. 
“Government is trying to build a peaceful, stable and harmonious country, and it had to be made clear to everyone that there is no place for narcotics in the Namibian House,” Geingob said. 

The meetings served as a platform for the President to discuss security and defence matters, and thank the defence and security cluster for the services they perform to the nation, often times under difficult circumstances.  
Geingob used the meetings to remind the defence and security cluster about the need to do more with less, and to accelerate efforts in ensuring the safety and security of the nation. 
The President reminded the force that the festive season is a time when criminals are most active, and the police should be vigilant and visible during this period and beyond. 

The Head of state said he intended to identify a day during the festive season “where the police supported by the army should patrol the streets in large numbers to let everyone know it will not be business as usual this festive season”. 
 “It is Nampol’s primary objective to ensure that Namibian society remains law abiding and orderly. A disorderly and lawless society is the antithesis to social and economic progress. You are expected to create and maintain a feeling of security in the community, and as far as possible prevent conflicts and promote amity.” 

Furthermore, Geingob reminded officers that they are expected to uphold and enforce the law impartially, and to protect life, liberty, property, human rights, and dignity of the members of the public.
He addressed the Council on Defence across four thematic areas namely the prevailing economic conditions, responsibilities of the Namibian Defence Force toward the people of Namibia, retirement and promotions, and improved performance of the force. 
He stressed that retirement within the force should be managed in an orderly manner, and also informed them that recruiting, training and promotion should be merit based and should be free from discrimination on the basis of gender, tribe or ethnicity. 
During the period of economic shortfall being experienced, it is incumbent on everyone to work smarter with less, the President reminded the audience.

Geingob also focused the meeting to discuss the role of the NDF in assisting law enforcement, including public order operations, border control, drug control, poaching control, cyber operations and intelligence gathering.  
The President also engaged with the Director General of the Namibia Central Intelligence Service (NCIS) Philemon Malima together with his senior management. 

He reminded them that their activities are essential in maintaining national security and sovereignty, and in supporting national developmental aspirations. 
“The NCIS is expected, at all times, to operate with utmost integrity and adherence to the highest standards of conduct,” he remarked, while reminding them of the need for professional conduct, vigilance, accountability and utmost loyalty. 

Staff Reporter
2018-12-14 09:55:21 5 months ago

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