• July 18th, 2019
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President must use consolidated power to effect social change

President Hage Geingob has once again consolidated his hold over government machinery and the Swapo Party, as the president of the Republic and of the Swapo Party. This has come as a surprise to those who postured themselves as commentators, political analyst and prophets, all in the name of knowledge and on behalf of the so-called silent majority. Their analysis and commentaries all turned out plastic to the realities of the times. It at best, led to self-destruction of novice politicians, who do not understand that they need guidance of the organised old guard, instead of following those whose survival in politics was carried by perspectives that are not necessarily about individual choice but about choices that may be good for the kinship group, clan or ethnic community. The days for such solidarities in politics are gone! I pity the young potential politicians who by such grave miscalculation destroyed their own future and blame it on the presence of the old guard. If you do not understand the importance of self-respect and modesty now, do you think it can come around in your later life by itself? Not at all, you got it by growing up in a community of people instilling those honorable virtues, or you reject those and grow-up in ill-discipline like so many young Swapo political proponents. It is painful to see a demise of a potential young politician. Mr President, now that you have solidified your position, we want to see the meaning of “all-out war against corruption” as you promised in your earlier campaign and reiterated in the recent campaign messages. The modesty of Namibian people should not be seen or regarded as being foolish. We take the words of our leaders and esteem them highly! However, to this day and time, your approach to the battle against corruption has been imperceptible and difficult for one to figure out the configuration of your tools and mechanisms for addressing the evil of corruption!! There’s no peculiarity to ACC, different from what people come to know about its functions. It has been business as usual, and there is no indication of war against this sleaze – I mean, anybody not worried about what is happening in this country is far from being patriotic and we are not all that unconcerned, instead we are waiting on the principals to take the lead in showing commanding commitment to the cause for others to follow!! More to this, even municipalities are joining the parade of dishonorable confounding of opportunities and thereby blocking birth of a healthy entrepreneurship to emerge – instead they consistently import ambiguities in municipal affairs so that honest engagement is unlikely to happen. Systematically creating opportunities, municipalities are fast becoming the next avenues for crookery and masterminds in the growing web of wrongdoings! Mr President, if only you can succeed in saving this country from this sleaze, your legacy shall forever remain superior to that of other African heads of state in contemporary time in Africa. Let us not allow naivety to blind us from reality, because the country is going down, the signs of fallacy are all over the place. You see it, you smell it, you experience it, you taste it, and we perceive its growing endemic character. This is your inheritance and we hope you’ll change the current trajectory for better and the history of Namibia will record your capacities different from many other African leaders!! Lazarus Kairabeb Ex-Swapo MP, ||Karas Region
New Era Reporter
2018-01-12 10:07:36 1 years ago

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