• June 6th, 2020

Prestigious AUSC Region 5 awards coming to Namibia …organisers promise bigger and better edition

WINDHOEK – Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Erastus Uutoni is strongly convinced that Namibia hosting this year’s AUSC Region 5 Regional Annual Sport Awards (Rasa) will serve as the perfect stepping stone for the country to promulgate her broader agenda of youth and sport development through excellence.

Uutoni, on behalf of the Namibian government, yesterday officially received the baton to host the 4th edition of the prestigious AUSC Region 5 Rasa, which will be the first time ever for the country to stage the glamorous regional sports showpiece.

The regional awards, which are slated for Namibia on 25 May this year, were officially launched at the Windhoek Country Club yesterday under the theme “celebrating excellence, inspiring innovation”.

Delivering his keynote address, Uutoni said it was a huge privilege for Namibia to be granted an opportunity to host an event of such magnitude, especially one that has serious significance to the unity and togetherness of Africa as a continent.

Not only does Rasa’s norms and values speak directly to the broader African agenda on unity and socioeconomic development, but Uutoni believes the revered event also marries well with Namibia’s agenda on youth empowerment and development through sport.

With South Africa having hosted the last three editions of the regional awards since their inception in 2016, Uutoni said time was ripe for Namibia to join her sister countries in celebrating and inspiring the region’s established and aspiring athletes through Rasa – hence the country’s commitment to host the 2019 edition.

“Here back at home, we are talking about hosting our first ever sport expo, which we hope will give our youth a chance to showcase their various talents and by so doing, Namibia will be exposed to the world through the various international stars that will attend this expo. So hosting this year’s Rasa is another opportunity for us to learn from and to grant our regional athletes an opportunity to shine. Importantly, hosting the Rasa is a privilege as the values of this events speaks well to our core agenda of youth development and empowerment through sport, and that is what we want to do as a country and as a region,” said Uutoni.

Also speaking at the launch yesterday, AUSC Region 5 chairman and veteran sport administrator Dr Vetumbuavi Veii also joined Uutoni in putting emphasis on the importance of Rasa, saying only through such platforms can the region’s athletes be motivated and continue to excel at international level.

The Chief Executive Officer of AUSC Region 5 Stanley Mutoya was also eloquent in putting forth the important role that Rasa plays in recognising and celebrating the region’s talent.

“One of the mandates of the AUSC Region 5 is to encourage, coordinate and promote the development of all sport in the Region. Rasa is part of the Regional Rewards Programme aimed at providing a unique opportunity for the region to motivate member states, sports Confederations, team’s sports and individual athletes by recognising and celebrating meritorious service and outstanding achievements in sport,” Mutoya said.

Some of the categories that will feature in this year’s Rasa are; Junior Sportsman of the Year; Junior Sportswoman of the Year; Sportsman of the Year; Sportswoman of the Year; Sportsman of the Year with a disability; Sportswoman of the Year with a disability; Sports team of the Year; Coach of the Year; Journalist of the Year; Sportsperson of the Year; Confederation of the Year and AUSA Region 5 award to mention but a few. 

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2019-03-08 11:46:04 | 1 years ago

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