• June 7th, 2020

Prevent mass killings before they happen

Namibians are by nature law-abiding, but hardened repeat offenders, murderers whose hands drip with the blood of innocent victims, rapists, looters of public coffers, unrepentant burglars, cattle thieves are holding sway and riding roughshod over the bulk of a cowed population. Incidents of rape and murder/multiple murder are so common they no longer evoke empathy for the victims.

We seem to be held hostage by these thugs in all shapes and sizes. Periodically we read about one unhinged or even sane individual killing family or other people in their homes of all places. On Tuesday morning, three people were hacked to death, one left with life-threatening injuries, several goats were butchered and a family dog killed after it was savaged and dismembered by the accused.

The case in point is the mass killing on Tuesday at Epatululo in Ohangwena where a man crazed by rabies went berserk and hacked to death his own relatives in a chilling bout of blood-letting that shocked all. We must be proactive and find ways to pre-empt these mass killings because the ominous, telltale signs are usually there though they are more often than not ignored. It is a given some culprits cannot be held criminally liable for these beastly deeds but society, the police and other stakeholders should act boldly and decisively to prevent the unnecessary loss of lives.

From the preliminary police investigation the suspect in Tuesday’s mass killing could be rabid because he has displayed signs of a person suffering from rabies that can make a sufferer violent and lose control of their mental faculties, which if true makes Tuesday’s events unfortunate.

Violent individuals that are a potential danger to society or to their own families and those that are medically found to display signs of mental insanity should be locked up otherwise we will continue having more of these mass killings. Preventive measures should be put in place to avert mass killings. 

The police should not only act when they rush to these horrendous crime scenes with body bags to count and collect the bodies of the victims of these atrocious, abhorrent massacres. It is a given some of the culprits can not be held criminally liable for these dastardly deeds but society, the police and other law enforcement agents should act boldly to prevent the unnecessary loss of lives.

Our courts should be extolled for meting out harsher, lengthy prison terms for convicted murderers.
Criminals in whatever shape and size should not be allowed to asphyxiate our people. These good-for-nothing morons should be put in their lane. They deserve harsher, stiffer punishments.

We are profoundly shocked three people were killed in their home, supposed to be a place of safety.
Namibians deserve better. Law enforcement should go beyond the precinct of traditional policing and that of police patrolling the streets and looking for crimes that have occurred or are occurring.
A loss of three lives is three lives too many and human life is sacred, sacrosanct.

Staff Reporter
2019-11-08 08:29:59 | 6 months ago

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