• September 19th, 2020

Prevent your sheep against scab

Sheep scab, also known as scab, psoroptic name or brandsiekte is caused by microscopic mite. Sheep scab is spread mainly by sheep-to-sheep contact. 
The disease occurs mainly in southern Namibia during autumn and winter, in large commercial wool sheep flocks and it causes severe loss.
To detract scab amongst your livestock, observe the following direct evidence; sheep scratch against fences and poles, they bite at flanks and they scratch with hind legs. 

Other indirect evidence are the appearance of clean areas of fleece due to licking and biting, tags of fleece on flanks, areas of wool loss and discolored fleece due to rubbing and scratching.
Prominent skin problems to be on the look-out for include dry crusty scabs with moist borders and damaged moist skin. Generally, check out for signs such as sheep standing apart from the flock -looking dull and depressed.

When you suspect that your flock has been infected with scab, immediately report the matter to the state veterinarian. 
Also, all sheep in the affected flock must be treated with a product approved by the Directorate of Veterinary Services.
-Adapted from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform

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2020-08-11 14:54:24 | 1 months ago

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