• July 2nd, 2020

Project Legit Platform promotes local craft

 Paheja Siririka  

WINDHOEK – Project Legit Platform (PLP) has embarked on a campaign to promote locals in various industries in Namibia by offering a free conceptual photoshoot, which is based on people’s field of expertise or a given theme. This is designed for all Namibians who have an impact on the entertainment and business industries, including other noteworthy sectors.   

Head of the project and owner of Legit Media Inc., Andrew Ingo, is working hand in hand with Aska Orlale, owner of Orlale.na Photography; Valide Hidinua and Eliaser Kamati, owner of Inverted Photography and Ze Ambrosius, the accountant.  

“We already did a shoot with Dice and want the masses to know this opportunity we are giving. We have a bunch of categories that we are going to consider. And let it be known that this does not necessarily mean we will give free photoshoots to all those we consider talented,” said Ingo.  

Ingo pointed out that if prospective clients were to approach them, then they would be charged. As for now, they are putting a strategic formula in place to decide on who deserves their free service. 
“We have the second group, Ethnix, this week and we can’t wait to showcase this amazing duo with our creatives,” said enthusiastic Ingo. 

He said the project would want to at least cater to four or five people per category ranging from chefs to artists, sports personnel and many more. 

“We want to create awareness to those who [are] still not [known] and in the same vein award a token of appreciation to those doing great in their craft,” said Ingo.  

He said he was disappointed with the many things that are not known in Namibia by Namibians. “We want to include categories such as sports- we don’t know Namibia’s sports personalities. We are also considering looking at chefs in the country. I won’t lie to you, we eat amazing food in this country at different restaurants but if I ask you to name at least four chefs, I bet you won’t even mention two,” said Ingo.   


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