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Providing adequate service to young professionals

2021-08-11  Paheja Siririka

Providing adequate service to young professionals

After realising that many younger clients lack the guidance to make the right financial decisions, Nedbank Namibia stepped in to provide young professionals with private banking services.

Nedbank now offers young professionals under the age of 30 with an academic qualification, banking, rewards and lifestyle benefits at a 50% reduced fee.

Other benefits include a zero deposit on the first property, should one want to venture into the property market. There is also a solution to cater to the bond and registration cost – and one can choose the bond term as well.

Nedbank launched this campaign in the capital last week and had
young professionals from various industries shedding light on their journeys to financial freedom and providing services to the Namibian nation.

One such young professional is Kake Kashe, a Master’s in International Relations graduate, who decided to tap into business, as he could not find a job in his area of specialisation since 2013. 

“I knew I wanted to do business; I just didn’t know the type of business. A friend of mine wanted an apartment fixed and told me to do the tiling. I did an amazing job with that and we continued to the whole house,” recalled Kashe.

With an additional psychology degree from the University of Namibia gathering dust, the young entrepreneur started Juka Investment, which is a one-stop-shop for renovations, construction, landscaping and décor.

Kashe said he is passionate and loves being surrounded by beautiful things, and subsequently found a niche in the market when he realised people want big construction projects but no one wanted to do renovations.

“Most of us tend to plan a lot but just don’t do it. Go out there and do it. Don’t do something just because you want money; do it because you are passionate about it and the money will follow,” he advised his peers on how to navigate through life without solely relying on their academic qualifications.

He added: “If you are chasing after money, you might fail in whatever venture you go into. If you do it with passion and you love it, the money will always come.”

Kashe urged young Namibians with businesses to mentor others so that their projects never die with them.

Another young entrepreneur is Bernhard Walther, who saw an opportunity in the transportation sector in Namibia. He is also co-founded Ebikes4Africa, a start-up that focuses on sustainable transport.

“We can’t supply everyone on this planet with a car, so we have to find alternative modes of transport. When you look at other parts of the world, two-wheelers are booming significantly – and we wondered why this is not in Africa or Namibia,” stated Walther.

The bikes are available across the country – from Oranjemund to Katima Mulio. 

“Business as usual is not an option; nature is giving in very soon, i.e., deforestation, desertification, sea levels rising, carbon emissions, so you have to be innovative and be the change you want to see on the planet,” stated Walther.

On her part, Nedbank’s head of private banking Liezl Brockerhoff said the Covid-19 pandemic has demoralised young businesspersons pursuing their dreams, hence the initiative of the bank to create such a platform. 

“The strain of the pandemic has made them face uncertain times and makes their future look bleak, which ultimately makes the bank agile and innovative,” she said.


2021-08-11  Paheja Siririka

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