• August 4th, 2020

Public alerted for live fire exercise

The Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs (MODVA) has alerted members of the public not to panic because of the sight of military equipment and the shooting demonstration that will be occurring in the Erongo region.
MODVA has informed the public that the defence force will be conducting a live military field training exercise in the general area of Karibib, specifically in and around Farm Etiro 50 shooting range.

The live military field training exercise will take place from the 31st July until the 21st August between 07h00 to 19h00.
Therefore, people in the areas of Karibib, Omaruru and Usakos should not be frightened by the shooting because this is merely a training exercise, it assured.

Lieutenant Colonel Petrus Shilumbu, the head of the Public Relations Division in the defence ministry, explained the live firing field training exercise will be conducted using different weapons, which include handheld weapons, towed, vehicle and aircraft-mounted weapons.
“Over this time, there will, therefore, be flying operations, whereby loud sounds will be heard from aircraft as they transit into the training area,” he elaborated.
Shilumbu further stated the public will observe movements of military vehicles and hear loud bursts from weapons projectiles.
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Loide Jason
2020-07-31 08:53:13 | 4 days ago

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