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Pukuu opens up about scald burn

2021-08-17  Staff Reporter

Pukuu opens up about scald burn

TV presenter and digital content creator Pukuu Rijatua was asked on her stories a very personal question, and the good sis told us exactly what happened.

Pukuu was asked what happened to her chest. She said: “your fav burned me with boiling water like two years ago. It was bad bad. All because of KFC. It was an accident though; my sister isn’t evil like that. Maybe I should make a story time.”

Pukuu was also asked how she balances everything in her life with varsity and social media.

She said: “Varsity is fun and is going smoothly mainly because I enjoy what I’m studying. Same with work, it’s basically a hobby and as for social life, I don’t have friends like that so it’s pretty non-existent.”

Pukuu is very much smitten with her boyfriend and we love the way these two love and appreciate each other. They go out on baecations and just soak in their love out in a cozy setting, and we love the content.

Pukuu is also a fashionista in her own right and can we just say how much we adore her style. She kills it all the time.


2021-08-17  Staff Reporter

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