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Pukuu used to be a petty girlfriend

2021-09-21  Staff Reporter

Pukuu used to be a petty girlfriend
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Social media influencer Pukuu Rijatua has been in a relationship for the longest time and we are here for it. Pukuu and her man are always so loved up and sis will never miss an opportunity to gush over her bae.

Although she is clearly smitten, sis has revealed she was once a very petty girlfriend and we can totally relate, because we have all pulled some stunts one way or the other.

Pukuu was asked what happened to the Instagram highlights with her boyfriend. She simply said: “I totally forgot about those. I used to be a very petty girlfriend at the start and I’d archive all our pics and delete both our story highlights whenever I got mad. 

When I stopped having mood swings, I’d put them back up again until I just forgot. I’m better now promise.”

Pukuu is still not giving us the chance to breathe; sis is busy serving us content with her boyfriend, enjoying the best that life has to offer. Their weekends are always lit.


2021-09-21  Staff Reporter

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