• September 15th, 2019
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Put your loved ones in a better financial position this Valentine’s

WINDHOEK - Valentine’s Day is synonymous with the traditional exchange of cards, chocolates, gifts and sharing a candle-lit dinner with loved ones. It not only signals appreciation and love for one another; but is also a life-long tradition that is celebrated in most parts of the world. 

Splurging on loved ones is great; but why not spoil your loved one with a gift that will put them in a better financial position. 
Elzita Beukes, FNB Communications Manager, says, “Valentine’s Day can be a costly affair and we tend to overspend to show our appreciation in a number of ways. Given the times we are living in and rising household costs, we encourage consumers to think differently and consider buying gifts that will have a lasting impact and benefit in the long-run.”  A revaluation of our current spending habits needs to take place sooner rather than later. This will help you identify and create a savings habit that will better your quality of life in the long-term. 

“Look at investment products like a unit trust or the FNB Savings Pocket, which will potentially help you reap returns. These are great vehicles that will help you and your loved one start that savings journey. Not only will it help you improve your financial situation but could help set you up for the future,” adds Beukes.  Let us be honest, chocolates, perfume or leather handbags are more appealing than an investment product but the value and quality diminishes over time. Investment products are not seen as the most attractive or sought-after gifts. For many investing is postponed to when they are older or wiser and is something that is not urgent. 

“Rather invest now and grow your money over time for great returns and financial stability. This gives you the opportunity to build and continue creating your wealth over time. It’s never too late to start investing, be it for you or your loved one,” Beukes urges. 

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2019-02-12 10:59:39 7 months ago

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