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Putuavanga determined to remain on top

2021-03-11  Nuusita Ashipala

Putuavanga determined to remain on top
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OPUWO - The Putuavanga Senior Secondary School in Opuwo in the Kunene region which last year secured ninth position in the grade 12 high level examination said they have not done anything out of the ordinary other than to supplement their teaching with afternoon classes. 

School principal Richard Tjazapi said both ordinary level and high level learners were taught together during the day, but those on high level were given additional classes in the afternoon. As a result, the school jumped 30 positions from position 39 in 2019 to nine in 2020. 

Tjazapi said getting to the top was not a surprise because it is part of the school’s plan of action. 

“We have seen it coming, it is part of our school’s plan of action, we just thought it will come a little bit later, not this year,” said Tjazapi. 

The school had 42 learners on high level with the majority obtaining grade 2s in their subjects. 

At the regional level, Tjazapi said the school has proven itself to be the top leading school in the high level examination for a number of years. 

Despite the good achievement, the school principal said it is too early to celebrate. “We are happy, but we cannot boast of a one-year achievement, maybe they were just an exceptional group. We will be happier if we constantly remain at the top at least for the next five years,” said Tjazapi. 

To maintain the consistency, Tjazapi said the school is looking into introducing weekend classes to supplement the existing afternoon classes. 

He said the envisioned classes are possible citing that the school has committed, self-motivated teachers who need no supervision to carry out their duties. 

“All that is required here is for teachers to take charge of their subjects and continue with the same spirit in which they have been offering the afternoon classes,” said Tjazapi. 

To strengthen the team, the school holds monthly team building exercises and has witnessed teachers taking ownership of the school and suggesting to management strategies, which can improve the school.

“In many other setups, staff members look up to management but here even teachers are actively involved,” said Tjazapi.

Tjazapi said the school takes in learners from all parts of Kunene north, including the schools that were previously established in Epupa constituency by the Office of the Prime Minister during the reign of Dr Libertine Amathila. 

“We are proud to announce that there were some who were able to make it to grade 12 and they did very well,” said Tjazapi. He advised other schools to remain focused and avoid what he coins as micro-politics amongst staff members.

2021-03-11  Nuusita Ashipala

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