• August 13th, 2020

QKR Namibia Navachab Gold Mine digs deep to help fight Covid-19

The oldest gold mine in the country, QKR Namibia Navachab Gold Mine, situated just outside Karibib, has responded to private sector appeal by President Hage Geingob by reaffirming its support towards the nation-wide efforts to address some of the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic in supporting the Karibib community.

According to the mine’s managing director, George Botshiwe, QKR Namibia Navachab Gold Mine recognises that the Covid-19 pandemic requires a collective effort and commitment from all stakeholders, including the private sector.
Through their commitment to the Karibib community, the mine supplied protective equipment such as face masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitisers as well as cool drinks. 

“The role of the police and law enforcement authorities in enforcing regulations is critical as the first line of defence against the Covid-19. As Navachab Mine, we thus want to give our support and commitment to efforts aimed at strengthening our country’s efforts in fighting this pandemic and its impact while ensuring the safety of our man and women in uniform. The police and the army are out there every day, risking themselves to protect all of us, so as a company, we want to do our part to make sure they have necessary protection. We cannot leave it for government to do it alone. Karibib is our town and we are committed to giving back to our community and the police’’, said Botshiwe. 

He added that QKR Namibia understands a large portion of the poor and the vulnerable communities in Karibib receive their limited income from daily or hourly labour, which they will not be able to earn during the lockdown and, thus, the mine has ensured the delivery and supply of food parcels. This is done in conjunction with the Karibib Town Council.
The mine also deployed five water tanks to the local informal settlement to aid the community with potable water and maintain hygiene.

“There is no doubt that Namibia faces an uncertain future as the threat of Covid-19 impacts our communities. As an organisation that cares for the communities we operate in, QKR Namibia Navachab Gold Mine will do everything possible to provide the much-needed support,” said Botshiwe. 

Staff Reporter
2020-04-16 10:03:16 | 3 months ago

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