• September 30th, 2020

Queen Paula becomes hair care ambassador

Radio personality and talk show host Queen Paula, better known as Paula Christoph, recently announced becoming an ambassador for Healthy Roots hair and skin products.

Gone are the days when merely washing your hair would be enough or you have done it right. Haircare involves proper grooming and ensuring you are using the right hair products. The healthy roots come in raw aloe vera gel, hair oil, beard oil as well as a body butter. They add organic oils, vitamin E and essential oils.

Speaking to Entertainment Now!, Paula said she felt the struggles of maintaining her natural hair for close to three years. ‘‘I felt close to this product, as I went through the struggle three years ago to figure out how to properly take care of my natural hair and what to use. I feel parents often chose to relax girls’ hair at a young age instead of taking care of natural hair,’’ she explained. 
This prompted her to look out for a product that will make her hair flourishes and not cause breakage or damage her scalp.
After noticing Healthy Roots hair and skin products on Sonia Khi-Khoeb social media Paula was impressed with the results. They came into contact through a close relative and started working together as they share a mutual understanding. The two started marketing the products online which started getting a lot of response from the public.

Khi-Khoeb said that Paula is a very warm, bubbly and honest lady. She is the perfect person for ambassador because she, like me, embarked on the natural journey motivated by her daughter. ‘‘Paula is a perfect person to get my brand to grow, because of the fact that she is in an industry where she’s the life of the party. A lot of people not only follow her on Social media but admire her too,’’ she said.
Her role as an ambassador will last for a year which will entail marketing the product on her social media handles, her Youtube channel to effectively bring attention to woman and girls about the natural locally produced product.

‘‘I want my daughter to see me in my natural form that includes my hair, which I stopped relaxing. I would be a hypocrite if I tell her love yourself and be proud of who you are but then I go change my natural hair because of the conditioning of the world. And I would want her to find that strength in me her mother’’ explaining the importance of her role.

The queen as she is dubbed has built quite a following over the years which has made her befitting to take up this all-important role.
Some have suggested that Paula should take up a presenting role on TV as her skills in front of the screen will be much appreciated as on radio. To this, she revealed to this reporter she has been busy on the sidelines with soon to be released work in that area.’’Yes, I am considering and have been busy. I have been shooting some episodes with Namtv which is a video request show, we also have an entertainment business show as well in the pipelines called ‘Tik Tok’ on Youtube, as well as ‘Day in the life of Paula’ on my own Youtube channel. I see myself as the next Oprah in the country doing a talk show ultimately so I see myself easing into that’’ she ended.
These days a neat and well-groomed hair shows that most people nowadays are very conscious about health, appearance and wellness from top to bottom.
– slunyangwe@nepc.com.na

Strauss Lunyangwe
2020-06-19 18:34:02 | 3 months ago

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