• July 19th, 2019
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Quit tombo, work like women, says councillor

Front Page News
Front Page News

Matheus Hamutenya Noordoewer   Karasburg West Constituency Councillor, Paulus Efraim, says most men in his constituency are only interested in drinking the traditional brew called tombo, instead of finding employment and making a living. Speaking at a belated independence celebration at Noordoewer on Friday, Efraim said men have turned into drunkards that only sit at shebeens and drink tombo, especially at Noordoewer, instead of looking for work and be the breadwinners of their houses. “Our women are better, they try to work even at supermarkets, but our men here just drink tombo, and this has to stop. You must work; you must do something for yourself and not just drinking,” he said. He said most men in the area are reluctant to go out there and look for jobs, as they have become comfortable sitting at home or drinking at shebeens. Thus, they have become a burden for women in many households, who struggle to feed them. He added that the tendency not to want to work and just wait to get old and receive the old age pension grant is tantamount to stealing from the government, and thus people should start being productive. He urged men to emulate their female counterparts, who he described as hardworking and will do anything to put bread on the table. He said he has observed that women will do even the smallest of jobs in order to get an income, while men would rather sit and drink. He furthermore said, in general, men seem to be shying away from their responsibilities, as they leave everything to women. He noted that the absence of men in households has led to a situation where many children grow up without respect or discipline, and he asked men to stand up and take some responsibility. “Some of you are 40 years old, but you still stay with your parents. This must stop. Go and work and build your own houses; take some responsibility,” he stressed. Efraim also urged residents to stop selling residential erven they get from the settlement office, saying selling of plots to a third party is illegal until such a time that the settlement is pronounced a town. The independence celebration also saw the councillor give away 33 goats to three beneficiaries, through the constituency office. The goat project is aimed at improving the lives of people through farming. The beneficiaries are expected to return the goats so that they can benefit more people.
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2018-03-27 08:44:29 1 years ago

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