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RA rubbishes poor workmanship on coastal road

2020-09-10  Staff Reporter

RA rubbishes poor workmanship on coastal road
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The Roads Authority (RA) has rubbished a photograph making the rounds on social media depicting an old bridge near Henties Bay currently undergoing rehabilitation. They said the picture shows a skewed pier appearing to be falling over with the intention to maliciously discredit the work of those involved in this project, without contacting the RA for clarification before posting damaging and false information.  

According to a RA spokesperson, the “bridge” in the photograph is the existing Omaruru River Bridge, which is currently undergoing a rehabilitation process. This includes upgrading, repairs and widening of the bridge deck to include walkways.  According to the RA statement, certain structures of the bridge had to be demolished, including the existing deck and the pierheads. 

“All the piers that were demolished will be replaced, including the skewed one. We would like to make it categorically clear that the skew pier is not new but an old pier of the old existing bridge,” read the statement.  The RA also assured the public that there is no truth to the claims of poor workmanship or any compromise on the quality of material. 
“As an entity responsible for the overall management of Namibia’s national road network, the RA prides itself on constructing roads and bridges of the highest standards with no comprise on quality whatsoever. We shall continue to strive for integrity and excellence through our business dealings,” the statement reads. 
The RA also appealed to the public to refrain from making malicious accusations or assumptions without facts. 

2020-09-10  Staff Reporter

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