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RA warns motorists of potholed highway

2021-04-01  John Muyamba

RA warns motorists of potholed highway
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RUNDU – The Roads Authority (RA) has vowed to repair all potholes on the Rundu-Divundu road along the Trans-Caprivi Highway in Kavango East region, when the weather permits.

“The rain has caused widespread damage on our roads and the RA is working hard to repair potholes and other damages in the shortest time possible,” said the RA corporate communication officer, Constance Mwilima. 

Many motorists have endured damage to their vehicles and some have been involved in accidents due to the deep and scattered potholes.

Mwilima said the RA has erected warning signs at critical places to alert motorists.

She urged motorists to exercise caution and reduce their speed according to the weather conditions.

“We would like to appeal to all motorists to be alert at all times, especially at night. Motorists should refrain from travelling at night, if possible, during the rainy season as the potholes are covered by water and will cause serious damage to vehicles if motorists drive into them,” she said. The RA further said that as a long-term strategy, this road will be rehabilitated to mitigate future damage during the rainy season.

Ndonga Linena constituency councillor Michael Kampota, whose constituency is along the affected highway, has urged the RA to fill potholes temporarily with gravel.

“These potholes are destructive, they are deep and many motorists have been complaining and raised their concerns,” he said.


2021-04-01  John Muyamba

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