• April 19th, 2019
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Rachel excited to offer beauty training


• Pinehas Nakaziko Preparing for her first beauty master class training in Africa, makeup artist and hair stylist, Ray Jeweled, known as Rachel in the make-up circles, says she is excited to offer her beauty master class training in Namibia, come May this year. With over seven years’ experience in beauty and teaching over 150 students keen to learn hair and beauty from the best, Rachel says she have decided to embark on empowering Africa starting with the beautiful country of Namibia. “I am so drawn to helping people, I always keep in touch with my students even after the class. I believe many people want the opportunity to learn a skill, not just for themselves but to also give them the foundation to starting they own businesses,” says Rachel. She says funds raised from this training can also give her the opportunity to be able to set up training studios for the more needy who possibly cannot afford training. “I believe that once you change one person’s life you can change their goals and dreams, like I did mine. You are not only helping them, but you’re creating a leader for a whole generation,” she says. With this master class training, she will be collaborating with the P&I Artistry brand, owned by local beautician, Penny Nangula, under the theme ‘Hair and Beauty Master Class Namibia’ in May 12-13 in the northern part, with the venue yet to be confirmed. Rachel’s master classes not only teach her students in depth knowledge of beauty empower each trainee to find themselves within the business world. “I advocate uniqueness, with me guiding my students through each step. I love watching the progress of my students and some have gone on to start successful businesses, whereas others are just learning for personal use,” says Rachel. During this training, she will be teaching Namibians how to achieve a flawless American style.  She will also be taking each trainee through the bleaching, plucking and styling process. “This is a long but achievable process. It can be done from the comfort of your own home. On Day 2, I will also be teaching students how to achieve a full face of makeup. This includes, contour, highlight, night to day makeup, glitter application, cut crease, brows, matching your skin, oily-dry skin and Smokey eye.” Rachel adds that she will also be teaching trainee about the business side of beauty, especially on how one can grow his/her business, building portfolio, financing and much more. The aim of this training is to share skills on women’s hair, make up, and personal hygiene, and enhance the training of upcoming make-up artists and hairstylists.  According to Nangula, the event will help unite beauty experts who will get the opportunity to learn from one another, and promote entrepreneurship within the beauty industry. Those interested in the training it comes in different packages from N$2500 to N$ 6500, including goodies, make-up kits as per request of the trainees.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-06 11:12:41 1 years ago

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