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Rape convict granted bail pending sentencing 

2021-02-22  Nuusita Ashipala

Rape convict granted bail pending sentencing 
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OSHAKATI - Northern businessman Sindano Hango was granted N$10 000 bail on Friday while he awaits to be sentenced on 16 April this year.
New Era understands that the lengthy postponement has to do with the inavailability of magistrate Leopoldt Hango who was transferred to Windhoek.

Hango was this week convicted of rape in the Oshakati High Court after he was previously acquitted at the Oshakati Regional Court during the same month last year.
His acquital was succesfully contested by the State.

During his conviction on Thursday, the court ordered the case be transferred back to the Oshakati Regional Court for sentencing, while Hango was ordered to report himself to the Oshakati Police on Friday which subsequently led to him being granted bail.
Hango raped his cousin in October 2014 and offered her a bribe of N$10 000 for her silence. 

The court heard that Hango also sent family members to talk her into withdrawing the case in exchange of N$10 000.
The initial investigator of the case also tried to talk her into withdrawing the case, the court heard during his trial. 
It has been the victims testimony that Hango forced himself on her by holding her arms to the back while one hand forcefully removed her jeans and underpants she was wearing at the time.

During the scuffle, the victim said she fell to the floor and then flend to her   room  where Hango followed her, threw her to the bed and forcefully penetrated her. The victim at the time also told the court that she informed several family members about the rape of whom some attempted to talk her out of registering the case while some advised her to pursue the case. Magistrate Hangalo at the time of acquitting Hango said after considering the evidence presented in court, he was not convinced that a rape was committed.
“Having considered the evidence, I have doubt that there was rape committed. I am obliged to give him the benefit of doubt,” Hangalo said at the time.

Hango in his own defence during the trial in the regional court maintained that the whole act was orchestrated and that it was the victim’s brainchild that he gives her money to take care of her personal needs.


2021-02-22  Nuusita Ashipala

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