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Reality TV show: Which couple would you like to see?

2021-05-18  Staff Reporter

Reality TV show: Which couple would you like to see?
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Reality TV shows are undoubtedly taking over the television industry. There was a time where TV dramas and sitcoms dominated our screens, but it seems the viewers are becoming more interested in reality TV shows to get glimpses of their favourite celebrity’s opulent lifestyles with their families.

The drama, authenticity and glamorous lifestyles keep us on the edge of our TV screens every day when we watch them. In Namibia, we are also very lucky to have influential families who are known for their lavish lifestyles and successful businesses. They have garnered the attention of many people, and they are no strangers to making headlines with their careers, controversies and money-making moves.

It would be an interesting chapter to see their lifestyles documented on reality TV shows. We did a poll on Twitter on which couple fans would like to see on a reality TV show. 

We have rounded up a list of the couples below:


King Tee Dee and Nomvula

King Tee Dee and Nomvula Mapolombo Mbwaluh are arguably one of our favourite couples. The couple has been married for close to five years now, and they are parents to three beautiful daughters Magano, Unathi and Luana.

King Tee Dee is a successful musician, who has been in the music industry for close to two decades now. Over the years, the couple has  crafted an inspiring love story that has won the hearts of many people in the country.


Betty Davids and Shapwa

The couple is well known on social media for spending big bucks on expensive items. It is not known how long this lovely pairing has been riding together, but what we know is that they are just head over heels in love with each other.

Just after giving birth to their baby boy last
year, Betty received a “push gift” from Shapwa, and had social media buzzing. Shapwa
apparently bought her a G-Wagon Mercedes Benz. The couple is set to tie the knot in August. Betty recently gave us a glimpse into their
abode, and it is a dream. This is why we would not mind seeing them on a reality TV show to get to know them more.


Gazza and Golden Shiimi

The couple has been married for over 10 years now. An Instagram post shared by Golden Shiimi on Instagram said she recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, showing a series from their wedding with the caption “On this day, 10 years ago on the Eiffel Tower.’ They have three children together, being two sons but the latest one’s gender has not yet been made public.

Gazza is a famous musician who has been in the industry for several years now, and he continues to leave his legion of fans entertained with his music.


Sunny Boy and Nelaolange

Sunny Boy is a succesful musician, and he has been with Nelaolange for several years now. The couple has two children together, but they called off their wedding last year after Sunny Boy confessed to cheating. They have, however, since rekindled their love.

After our poll, fans voted for the fabourite couple they would like to see on a reality show, and Betty Davids and Shapwa cracked the numbers. We reckoned that this couple’s reality show could arguably be the most-watched one as many love them.

2021-05-18  Staff Reporter

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