• August 15th, 2020

Refurbished electronics are as good as new

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The speedy introduction of new technologies, and consumers wanting to stay current with the latest tech trends, have led to masses of perfectly good second user equipment entering the market. Computers, phones and other digital devices needn’t be discarded – they can be optimised through reuse, repair or resale. Refurbishment is good for both consumers and the environment.  Refurbished products are often considered inferior but Certified Refurbished System (CRS) plans to change this misconception. It has introduced an industry standard to ensure refurbished systems are ISO-certified and audited.  CRS managing director, Alvin Peacock, says its mission is to provide affordable computing to all by cutting costs and without compromising quality. “Ensure your product was refurbished and certified by a trusted and accredited refurbishing factory that offers adequate warranties and return policies.” “Consumers still need to discover the benefits of refurbished products – they need to understand what refurbished products really are, where they come from, where to buy them, and why refurbished is sometimes the best choice,” he explains. Peacock says buying a refurbished system will provide a far better price versus value specification when compared to buying a new one. “However, when purchasing a pre-owned computer or laptop and if you want the best, purchase a CRS.” CRS also offers a 12 to 24-month warranty so that customers can buy with peace of mind knowing that they have purchased from an accredited reseller with after-sales service. “Our stamp of assurance is our promise to deliver quality, value for money and integrity in every product sold. We offer Grade-A products that have been through factory grade processes that are certified and audited by ISO 14001:2015, ISO9001:2015,” he says.
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2017-11-29 09:31:32 | 2 years ago

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