• July 23rd, 2019
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Rehoboth residents march against drugs

Clemans Miyanicwe

WINDHOEK - Residents of Rehoboth on Saturday marched against substance abuse at their town.
The march was organised by recording artist Lindsey Dentlinger who told New Era yesterday: “Drug addiction is destroying so many lives in Rehoboth and the rest of our country, not only young people but all ages.”
“Addiction affects everyone or has a direct impact on everyone. We feel that people are still too much in denial and looking for the problem elsewhere,” she said.

Dentlinger added that she would like to see people waking up and being free (from drugs) and that her main goal is to convey the message of freedom by the power of Christ Jesus.

Dentlinger added that drug abuse and trafficking is taking its toll on Namibian youth as well as other age groups. 
“Today, more people suffer from an illicit drug disorder, and one in four deaths results from illicit drug use. In fact, more deaths, illnesses and disabilities are associated with drug abuse and addiction than any other preventable health condition. In our country, it has become a tormentor among families leading to violence, rape, trauma, brokenness and other social issues,” she remarked.

She observed that Rehoboth has become a drug trafficking ‘have’ and said her community was at risk of being destroyed.
“We would thus like to get involved in the fight against the evil that destroys our community from the inside out.”
The march, organised by the Christ High Project, has identified a need to take the community’s experiences and testimonies in order to help those who are suffering. 

“We aim to educate and eradicate drugs from within our communities. Our main goal is to empower and send the message of hope and freedom to the people through the good news of Jesus Christ.  Our lives and how we live it, does not only affect us but others around us, our families, environment and our communities. We cannot just stand by and watch others fight, the change starts with us and with you,” Dentlinger added.

The recording artist said that she was disappointed by low attendance as about fifty people attended the march, saying people are only moaners and they are quick to comment on social media but when it comes to action they don’t support. 
The march started at the Rehoboth Police station where inmates were encouraged to change their ways and then attendees march to the Rehoboth stadium to connect with Reho Fun Day where crafts where on sale as well as fun activities took place for the residents. 

On Saturday evening, a praise and worship event took place where artist such as Elize Dentlinger, Lucy Bock, Jason Bock, Lindsey, Shareef and Caitlyn performed.

New Era Reporter
2018-11-27 10:03:22 7 months ago

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