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Residents complain of unbearable stench

2021-06-07  John Muyamba

Residents complain of unbearable stench
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RUNDU – Appalled residents of the Sunshine Village development at Rundu have criticised the local authority for allowing raw sewage, which emits an unbearable stench, to run down their streets. Residents claim their complaints have been ignored since 2018, despite the highly hazardous sewer stench having slowly developed into a pond. “We have tried to engage the contractor about this situation as well as the town council, but there has been no solution. Our complaints have fallen on deaf ears, and we are living in an uncomfortable situation; we can’t even eat properly,” said one of the affected residents on condition of anonymity. The contractor in question is Chinese businesswoman Stina Wu, who with her partners are constructing the Sunshine housing project at Rundu’s Kaisosi location. Residents complained that the sewerage problem started three years ago when the first homeowners moved into their new houses. The sewerage pipe that has been leaking near their homes is directly connected to the town’s sewer system, but apparently not correctly as it clogs and breaks, causing leakages. In response, the entrepreneur promised action.

 “As for the sewage behind, we have also noticed and are actively looking for the reason. We are working to resolve the matter and investigate the cause,” Stina Wu told New Era in a text message.  “Phase one and phase two of Kaisosi are connected to the municipal sewer system. Only phase three is connected to the pumping station. 

Phase three is still under construction, and is scheduled for delivery at the end of June”, she added. Rundu CEO Olavi Nathanael told this reporter that the sewer spillage at Sunshine Village is a serious concern, promising to engage the contractor to help resolve the issue. Nathanael said the Helmsman Group, which is responsible for the project, has promised to build about 500 houses, and was provided with a notice in February 2020 as well as in December last year to attend to issues of sewerage at the project, but to no avail. “The company has not responded to any of the council’s written communication,” he stated. After New Era spoke to the CEO, an inspection to establish the problem was conducted at Sunshine Village by council officials last week, and it was discovered that the sewer pipes were indeed faulty. Instructions were issued to the site manager to immediately stop the discharge of raw sewer into the environment, and to expedite the proper connection of the sewer pipes to the town’s sewer system. “A follow-up visit was scheduled to assess progress. I will keep updating you on new developments,” Nathanael noted. A project manager at the site told New Era that they have sourced quotations to pump out the sewer water. 



2021-06-07  John Muyamba

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