• July 21st, 2019
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---RIGHT OF REPLY--- Chinese retail shop in Havana operating legally

A newspaper report entitled “Chinese retailers in townships raise eyebrows” by Alvine Kapitako in New Era, dated September 8, 2017, prompted a backlash among the Chinese community in Namibia. The findings of the immediate investigation launched by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Namibia indicate that the complaint made by Tarah Shaanika, CEO of NCCI is groundless and false. As a matter of fact, contrary to the allegation of Havana China Shop owners failing to show permission for operating, they have duly released certificate of fitness/registration, hence proof of legal business. What is more, the two Chinese shops there are popular with the locals, according to the same news report. In response to the aforesaid fake news, therefore, we feel a strong need to demand Alvine Kapitako and Tarah Shasnika to retract their irresponsible remarks and extend a public apology. We reserve the right for further legal actions if necessary. * Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (in Namibia)
New Era Reporter
2017-10-06 10:12:00 1 years ago

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