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Rising star or attention seeker? Expectant Nguvi waxes lyrical

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Clad in a cyan dress, makeup on fleek, with a shopping bag from Aldo, she waltzes in the lounge of a local hotel where the interview is agreed to take place. 

That is Nguvitjita (Nguvi) Mberirua - who is not new to controversy - now also known as Bianca von Aksvagen, and that is how she prefers to be addressed. 

Nguvi, whose baby bump was visible, said she was shocked to learn that South African media outlets reported that she was lying about her pregnancy. 

“They called me a liar, and that I am faking the pregnancy. It is disheartening. Do people really think that someone wants to be a single parent? Or do they think someone wants to be abandoned? Or wants to wash their dirty laundry in the media, no one wants to do that,” an emotional Nguvi remarked. 

“I was really hurt by those sentiments. I have never heard or seen a celebrity being attacked that way, ever in my life,” said the frantic Nguvi. 

Asked on her relationship with South African media sports personality, Robert Marawa, Nguvi hastily replied: “At this moment, I can’t comment on that because the case is sub judice.” 
Social media also criticised Nguvi’s publication of her dirty laundry on those platforms, as a publicity stunt. She was equally attacked for “being needy” with some people remarking that she did not get enough love and affection while young. 

“People forget what celebrity means and all of that comes with a certain territory,” she remarked when asked to comment on the backlash. 

She revealed that she is expecting a girl due in August. “I never wanted a girl because I don’t want her to go through what I have gone through,” she said sadly. “But I am happy it’s a girl, that’s what God decided to bless me with,” she added with a grin, as if trying to say ‘don’t feel sorry for me’. 

Furthermore, she was tight-lipped on whether she has been banned from South Africa. “That matter is also sub judice, I can’t speak about that.”  She was, however, quick to say that she is not based in Namibia. 
“I am an explorer and I travel a lot. I think there is more to life than Windhoek and there is something that bothers me about Windhoek. I can’t live here permanently because what I have to offer is not for the Namibian market,” she remarked, adding that projects aimed at building her brand are in the pipeline.  

Although not stationed at any media house, Nguvi is a radio presenter, television personality, Master of Ceremonies and many more, and that’s after bagging a qualification in Broadcasting from South Africa, she reveals.
Often referring to herself as a media personality, Nguvi said Namibians are not unified or open to innovative ideas. “When you give ideas people look at you all funny and they are not supportive,” she added. 

‘Call me Bianca’ 
 “My brand manager and I decided to rebrand so we did a whole rebranding strategy. There are also other personal reasons why I decided on that name which I will not reveal at this point,” Nguvi explains on her new name, Bianca, which she first announced on social media.  
There is no difference between her names or split personalities as some claim. “It’s still me, Bianca is my stage name,” she explained. 

‘I have been born again since childhood’
Entertainment Now! also asked Nguvi to shed light on why she sometimes refers to herself as Prophetess Nguvi. She replied that she was brought up in a Christian home and she has been “born-again ever since I was old enough to know Christ”. 

She then explained that being a born again is the path she has chosen and that she tries, by all means, to reflect that in her life. “I fear God and I try my best to live for God, through the commandments and the Bible,” Nguvi pointed out. 
In fact, she has always been intuitive and in some circumstances, she was able to speak into people’s lives by telling them of what they were going through or going to encounter, said Nguvi.
“If you spend more time with God or in the Word of God and you go for deliverance  you become more in tune with who you are,” added Nguvi.  

“I was ordained as a prophetess on 2 January 2019 in South Africa. Before that, I would always second guess these intuitions and ever since I have gone through the pastoral process, I am more confident because now I know danger before it comes,” she shared.
Nguvi does not see herself on the pulpit, instead, she will use her “calling” to help people in need. 
“People should know that prophecy is not magic, it’s a confirmation of what is in the heart,” Nguvi emphasised. 

Societal backlash
Nguvi has endured a lot of backlash from society starting from extramarital affairs to being bullied on social media. 
“I am going to be very honest with you during this interview, what gets under my skin or what irritates me the most is when I read something that is not true published by a media house. That rubs me the wrong way,” she furiously said. 
Asked what she could advise young girls and women out there, Nguvi said: “Follow your dreams, don’t do things for money, have passion, knock on doors. I want young girls to find themselves and what it is they want to achieve and their purpose. If you don’t find yourself, you get easily distracted.”  

She also had a word of advice for those who bashed her on social media: “Stop projecting your insecurities and failed dreams on me.” 
She further said people with shuttered dreams tend to always want to put others down. “Now that I am a brand, I can take people on,” added Nguvi. 

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