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RMB Song Night still going strong

2021-07-09  Strauss Lunyangwe

RMB Song Night still going strong
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Previously known as ‘Song Night’, now called ‘RMB Song Night’, the platform has left deep footprints in the development of singers and the Namibian sound. 

Celebrating 10 years of musical excellence this year, they have grown and birthed some of the country’s most noticeable figures. 

Founder and director Lize Ehlers told VIBEZ! that the music industry has benefitted tremendously from the work they have ploughed in diligently over a decade. 

“If you look at the high-quality work Michael Pulse is producing as the creator of the original ‘White Line’ soundtrack (a feature film on DStv Box Office); the work of Karl Ehlers (Morenga), who co-composed the soundtrack of ‘Baxu & The Giants’ with me and Imm’s Nicolau, which is the only Namibian film on NETFLIX; and so many more singers who went through the ‘Song Night’ experience, I can testify to what the experience has lent to their journeys,” she beamed.

This year alone, they have found beautiful music-makers and zoomed in with free online workshops, networking sessions, creative collaborations and have put on three stellar performances online since February, reaching more than 5 000 viewers with those shows. 

“We have seen incredible improvements in artists who go through the programmes, especially since it is the first time for many of the selected artists to perform with a professional band, namely Jean-Pierre Ntsika (the longest-standing member of the Song Night band and the bassist), Sam Batola on guitar (the second-longest-standing member of the band), Imm’s Nicolau on keyboards and Titus Mapundu on drums. 

“Without this professional band, RMB Song Night would not be able to have that professional edge on the sound created at the show. The show is the end-product of a very intense and educating experience.”

Ehlers revealed that they will continue for another 10 years with RMB Song Night, although the pandemic has taken quite a toll on all parts of the industry and the world. They are also busy with funding applications to invite any corporate or private investor to support RMB Song Night and the work they do.

The 2019 NAMAs female artist of the year said the biggest challenge is to secure work for Song Nighters after they had gone through the programme.

“That is our extension programme, but with the pandemic, opportunities have been dwindling. We stay hopeful, and especially implore businesses to use the voices of Song Nighters for their advertisements for TV shows and for content creation so that Namibian singers can get paying work even during a pandemic.

“It is only if different industries support and make use of one another that the country wins.” 

Ehlers thus implored singers to please send their picture, short biography and five original songs to to audition for the August RMB Song Night. 


2021-07-09  Strauss Lunyangwe

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