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RnB novice artist shares industry experience 

2021-02-19  Paheja Siririka

RnB novice artist shares industry experience 
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Being a novice in the Namibian music space can be challenging, yet fun as one gets to meet their favourite industry giants, something that Kondjashili Abel (19), known as Yeezir told Entertainment Now! and that he is happy to be in the industry.
He said he has met a couple of industry personalities he used to watch on TV daily, as a kid, so that’s huge to him but can’t have the full experience because of Covid-19.

“I can’t have the full experience yet due to the pandemic but soon I’ll be able to completely tell,” shared Abel.
Having been in the industry for six months, Abel said he wishes he knew a lot of things before joining the industry, something he advises other prospective newcomers to be wary of.

“I wish I knew that just because a certain individual who has been in the music industry way longer than me, their advice might be not so genuine and that they are afraid of my potential. I have had many artists giving me advice that didn’t align with my brand or goes against what my team and I want to do,” realised Abel.

He added: “My advice is, be careful about who you take advice from. Never let their experience in the game fool you. Always keep a straight head and just as much as you do not take in the negative statements from the world, do not take in the positive too much as well, keep yourself focused and get to your goal. Never doubt yourself and rely on opinions unless it’s someone you trust.”

The RnB afro-pop artist has an EP out right now called Rolls Royce Ep. “It is called that because of my debut single, Rolls Royce which sits at 32 000 views on YouTube. I am currently working on my debut album which is expected to drop in the latter stage of 2021,” shared Abel.
Being new and in the industry means networking with people who might influence one’s brand and lucky or fortunately Abel has a strong support system with the guidance of YNOT Records which DJ Castro is part of.

 “I just want to give thanks to my brother DJ Castro, he puts me on everywhere he goes and I don’t know how to show my appreciation. A local dream collaboration for me would be from Gazza and King Tee Dee. I still had diapers on when they released their first mixtapes so being in the studio with one of them, would be mind-blowing. Namibia should buckle up now, we are about to take off for real,” assured Abel.

On the other hand, someone who has been in the industry for 15 years, specifically doing RnB is Brooklyn Mayiji, known as The Smith who said he does music because not only it is a natural talent and calling, it’s the first language he could communicate in growing up as a Haemophiliac (a medical condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, causing the sufferer to bleed severely from even a slight injury).
He said: “I do music for various reasons but the true one would be because I love it. It saved my life, and it helped me save lives. It inspires to inspire.”

He advised those joining the Namibian music industry to know why they are in it in the first place. “Know your business, know your art, and practice. Love what you do, what you give out you get back,” he cautioned.
Mayiji has released two EPs (3Peat6Feet, 3peat6feetx2), five singles, three visuals and two official music films. Out now is ‘Vibe’ on all music platforms.

2021-02-19  Paheja Siririka

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