• September 27th, 2020

Road accidents caused by road users – police

Martha Gabriel 

WINDHOEK – Major-General of the Namibian Police Force Oscar Embubulu said at the launch of the 2019/2020 festive season road safety campaign in Windhoek earlier this week that the high motor accident rate in the country can be attributed to road users. 

He noted that since January to date a total number of 2 643 road accidents have been recorded.
During the launch of the campaign with the theme ‘Do the right thing and save life,’ Embubulu said the country is faced with unabated road traffic accidents causing excessive road carnage to citizens and visitors to Namibia. He said the nation needs to direct its attention, expertise, time and resources to address the problem, adding that he believes the outcomes of the road safety campaign would contribute to the improvement of the circumstances surrounding national roads.

Embubulu said he differs with some people’s beliefs that fatalities on national roads are due to roads conditions and lack of law enforcement.

‘’I have a different opinion, our roads infrastructure is amongst the best in Africa, we should rather blame it on road users’ attitudes of being reckless, speeding and overtaking at blind spots, using gadgets while driving, driving while under the influence of alcohol, to mention but a few,’’ said the major-general.

Embubulu appealed to road users to change their attitude and to be considerate of other road users as well as to adhere to road traffic signs, rules and regulations.

He further said the Namibian Police Force, together with all stakeholders, is committed to ensure that the message of road safety is implanted in each and every road user, adding that through their cooperation the police will continue to share and disseminate road safety messages and road safety tips through various media.

He said the effects of road traffic accidents cannot be overemphasised as accidents cause deaths and serious injuries to victims, in most cases happening to family breadwinners.  This negatively affects the society and most importantly dependents. “Hence, road safety matters should not be left to a very few institutions,” he added.

Embubulu emphasised that road traffic accidents are of national concern and called for rigorous efforts from all stakeholders and corporate entities in demonstrating their social responsibilities through initiatives aimed at making roads safer.

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2019-11-21 06:54:27 | 10 months ago

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