• June 17th, 2019
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Robby Naish takes on Namib’s longest wave

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Staff Reporter Walvis Bay-Local surfers have taken note with keen interest and are keeping an eagle on the presence internationally acclaimed surfers, Red Bull athletes Robby Naish from the USA and Kai Lenny from Hawaii in the Namibian harbour town of Walvis Bay. The pair landed in Namibia last Monday and are currently residing in Walvis Bay in pursuit of the Namibian famous surfing barrel “The Donkey Bay”. The project is about achieving the impossible with Naish surfing our well-known wave on a SUP (stand-up paddle board). Not too many surfers have been brave enough to attempt this surfing spot on a SUP due to Donkey Bay being extremely cold, not easily accessible and accompanied by a highly challenging take-off. SUP boarding is not a common sport in Namibia yet as a result of enormous costs and the level of difficulty involved, while surfers are fully aware of the fact that it requires serious skills to surf any wave on a SUP. Internationally acclaimed windsurfing and surfing legends, Naish and Lenny, are on their first visit to Namibia and have been the talk of the town since their arrival here in the desert. Word on the street has it that the project is going to be one of Naish’s most challenging at the advanced age of 54, but local surfing enthusiasts are upbeat and proud that he chose Namibia for this particular venture.
New Era Reporter
2017-05-08 12:48:13 2 years ago

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