• August 11th, 2020

Rogue cops sell dockets for N$500 – Ndeitunga

Crime and Courts, Front Page News
Crime and Courts, Front Page News

Selma Ikela WINDHOEK - The Namibian Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga has expressed discontent and shame at unscrupulous police officers who steal, hide and sell dockets, sometimes for N$500, to augment their monthly earnings. The police chief has called on police officers to be professional and stop these corrupt practices that severely tarnish the image of the entire police force. Ndeitunga made these remarks when addressing police members of Otjomuise and Katutura police stations at Wanaheda police station yesterday. About two weeks ago Ndeitunga addressed officers from the police station and at the time spoke out against police maladministration. He warned police officers not to assault suspects, and also warned against unfair promotions in the force and against the misuse of vehicles and resources, amongst others. “Police officers, particularly in Khomas Region here, are stealing, selling and hiding dockets. And police officers are deliberately delaying investigation for years. Some officers were bragging to be in possession of 2005 dockets when I was appointed as Inspector-General,” he complained and called for speedy investigations. Ndeitunga said officers should not even be in possession of 2011 dockets as they should be done with the investigations. Although Ndeitunga acknowledged police officers were not getting adequate salaries, he pleaded with members of the force to live within their means. “Is it true that we can’t manage our money (salary)? We know what you are getting is not enough. But money will never be enough. We are saying manage and plan properly with what you are getting so that you do not put big pressure on your salary. Manage the small resource that you have. If you are selling dockets, you don’t deserve to be police officers,” he said. In addition, Ndeitunga called on police officers to keep Windhoek crime-free. “I don’t want to hear of a tourist being robbed in this town or of a case of housebreaking. Most of the robbers are from here (the suburbs). They go steal there (leafy areas) and come hide here. I gave your colleagues three months. Let’s clean this town. Let us flush them (robbers) out,” he exhorted the police. He called on supervisors to identify crime hotspots and problematic areas and deploy more policers officers to these areas to maintain law and order. Ndeitunga said he wants all efforts to go towards keeping the region safe and free from crime. “Violent crimes are experienced in the region and it is caused by alcohol and drug abuse,” he added. He said this was the case because the police allow some alcohol outlets to operate 24 hours a day. He said the city is full of drugs, robbers, pirate taxis and shebeens and police officers should be deployed on the streets in big numbers and should be visible.
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