• September 19th, 2019

Roof of Africa to launch its craft beers

They say October is the most beautiful month, “Oktober maand die mooi mooiste maand” as the saying in Afrikaans goes.
However, spring is not the only thing heralded by the month of October. You may not know, but in Windhoek in the month of October, 20 years ago, Roof of Africa Hotel came into being. Thus, the scene for its 20th anniversary is set, where it will be celebrated in style at its premises in Nelson Mandela Drive in Klein Windhoek. 

Having started their own micro-brewery and brewing own beers with four different types of beers on tap, the 20th anniversary next Saturday, October 7, sees the opening of their craft beers! These are The Roof Draught, The Roof Unfiltered Draught, The Roof Pilsner and The Roof Dark Lager. A wide range of meat productions, in particular to compliment with the Roof Beers, are also available with the introduction of the Curry Wurst, apart from all the other meat and polonies. 

Staff Reporter
2018-09-28 10:21:09 11 months ago

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