• September 19th, 2019

Rookie bowler leaves competitors gasping for air at WBC Tourney

WINDHOEK - Windhoek Bowling Club (WBC) staged an astonishing successful Fund Raising competition, which attracted an incredible high number of 46 entrants.

Relative newcomer Adel Louw from TransNamib Bowling Club (TNBC) came out unscathed tailed by John Hawthorne (Eros Bowling Club) with the pair of Elme van Eden and Willie Esterhuizen (both TNBC) sharing 3rd spot to complete the podium places.

Usually at these fundraising events, bowlers play four in a team with 10 ends, with the winning team advancing to the next rink to engage in 10 games against a new team but this year, the format was slightly different. 

While bowlers still competed in teams of four, each bowler scored their points individually with matches played over 10 ends in three sets, out of three ends followed by a 10th end. 

Two points were awarded per set and two points for the 10th end with the team winning the tie overall scoring an additional two points, thus allowing teams to score 10 points if they won everything. After the first match, teams were redrawn, playing another 10 ends with the same scoring.  

The players thoroughly enjoyed this change in format as it meant one did not have to play with the same people all the time and that the newer, less-experienced bowlers also had a chance of doing well in the competition.

The rookies were drawn alongside stronger bowlers because, while they scored as a team, each bowler also scored the team points as individuals. While WBC members donated very generously in the form of prizes for this event, the following companies also weighed in, Taeuber & Corssen, a Namibian based sales and distribution entity for over 90 years, very generously sponsored eight prizes in the form of hampers. Eurolux, PC Centre and Varta batteries were also very generous in their sponsorship of a total of 16 prizes.

These prizes were well received by the recipients thereof. Former President Desmond van der Smit thanked the corporate sponsors and all the members for their generosity.

“Great fun was enjoyed by all participants with John Hawthorne remarking that he LOVED this format of the game since it is not boring like some fundraising events can be. It is always good to try new things.” 

Staff Reporter
2019-04-09 09:46:26 5 months ago

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