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RTE Records drops the first EP

2020-11-27  Paheja Siririka

RTE Records drops the first EP

Newly established music label Remember The Eagle (RTE) Records today released an eight-track EP titled Daar Draai Die Dinge with an array of artists including production from DJ Spuzza, Chester Houseprince, Mega, Txngos and vocal lending from Shana Zandile and Florito.

The record label has been in existence for about four months now also roped in South Africa mega superstar Kiernan Forbes, also known as AKA and rapper and songwriter Riyadh Roberts, famously known as Youngsta CPT.
At an exclusive media listening session this week, Entertainment Now! Got the chance to have one on one session with the artists at their recording studio in the capital.

Songs which stood out although the whole EP has a feel good and energizing ballads, 'Askies' by DJ Spuzza teaming up with Chester Houseprince, Shana Zandile and Kurcza. 
“When we got together for the first time at the official signing of the artist to the label, I decided to come up with something that would get us to jell together. I wanted the ladies to adapt or get to know our sound where we constantly use street language to get our messages across, something that relatable to many music enthusiasts out there,” explained DJ Spuzza, officially known as McArthur Suze.

The 'Soek Soek' hitmaker added that it was an overwhelming experience working with big names like AKA as there tends to be judgmental of character with people mostly basing their opinions on what they see on social media.
“Meeting him showed that he is a humble person, we took him to the streets and working with him has taught me a lot. He showed me that regardless of how big one is, one is still a human and to me- it’s humbling,” narrated DJ Spuzza who teamed up with AKA on the remixed version of 'Soek Soek' featuring Chester Houseprince, Don Kamati, Mega and Chakie.

 Another collaboration is of Mega with Youngsta CPT with Respek, an afrobeat song, way out Mega’s forte but the duo nailed it with the fusion of the Oshiwambo and Afrikaans lingos with Mega saying it was difficult for him, a rapper to try something like that. 

“It was a challenge to tap into a different genre and for me, singing was the most challenging part when it came to the song. Overall I managed to handle it with poise, I can comfortably say I am not comfortable enough to do another afrobeat song plus it’s a great feeling working with Youngsta CPT, he matched my expectations,” explained Mega.
The EP is a harmony of artists from one label coming together and showing the industry that they too have a spot in it. 
Owner of the RTE Records Ennio Hamutenya told Entertainment Now! what made the collaborations possible was the talent, seriousness and professionalism. 

“We want to be the foundation for the whole country so if you know that you have talent, disciplined and hardworking enough, RTE Records is there for you. We want to go to the deepest locations in the country something we intend on doing yearly to scout for talent,” enticed Hamutenya.

He added: “We are not just looking at artists who already have fans, we are looking at hidden talents. That young girl or boy who never thought there would be any possibility of them prospering in the industry.”
He mentioned the importance of establishing genuine working relationships and that being one of the very important components of fostering partnerships.

One key element missing the Namibia entertainment industry is the willingness to sacrifice according to Hamutenya. “There is a lot of things happening in the music industry, there is drinking, smoking and plenty of other distractions. You can have the talent but if you don’t know when to put those things aside it will hugely affect your career,” enlightened Hamutenya.

He said: “When I look at artists, I look at those who are willing to sacrifice the temporary things in life and that’s the problem in society. Creatives and everything often go off par because of those distractions. There are drugs, alcohol, partying- these are temporary things to happiness and that’s why we are on the path of reshaping our artists’ minds and mentality.”

2020-11-27  Paheja Siririka

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