• July 24th, 2019
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Ruacana craves second fuel station

Paulus Shiku

OSHIFO – The lack of serviced land in Oshifo at Ruacana town in the Omusati Region delays the chances of a fuel station being constructed there. Currently, there is only one filling station situated at Ruacana Extension 2, formerly known as Ruacana Town, which is located about three kilometres west of Oshifo.

Speaking to New Era regarding development at the town last week, Ruacana Town Council mayor, Simon Shooya, said two investors are interested in constructing a fuel station at Oshifo, but they prefer doing that on land serviced by council.
He said for the past two years now the idea did not work out as council does not have money to service land.

“A fuel station is realy needed here, as this is where most of the businesses are and a lot of people come here. So if we could have it then it will be convenient for most people especially those who do not wish to drive to Extension Two.”
Shooya who was elected as mayor in November last year, has been a member of council for almost eight years.
He was a deputy mayor in his previous term.

He called on interested investors to service land and build a filling station.
“When we get money, we also plan to construct a three-kilometre tarred road connecting Iinyakwi settlement which is closer to Oshifo all the way to Extension Two. That way, we create a shortcut for people who now drive about 10 kilometres on a tarred road connecting Epalela and Ruacana,” said the mayor. 

Other developments he mentioned include the private sale of more than 20 residential erven in Ruacana Extension One, where private developers already built houses.

“Some erven were sold to residents to construct single houses for them to live in while others were sold to business people who developed and sold the houses.”

Through the course of the last three years, Ruacana also witnessed the first traffic lights in Oshifo, as well as two shopping centres that brought retail shops and banks.

“Through these developments, our youths were employed, however we still have a long way to go in providing employment to our children as a lot of them are still idlling at home.” 

The mayor said this is the year for the council and the regional leadership to rededicate their efforts in assisting young people to get jobs, education and establish businesses.

Thanking his comrades in the council, Shooya called for unity and good relationships between politicians and the administration.

“Not that we have issues, but if we continue to work as a team we will accomplish a lot,” he stated.
Other councillors are deputy mayor Linda Mbwale, Hendrick Shuudeni, Mashina Erastus, Sebronia Shapaka as members of the management committee, while Linea Shikale  and  Daniel Munepapa are ordinary members of council.
Apart from Munepapa who represents Nudo, the other members are from Swapo Party.




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