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RUCA registers independent candidate for Rundu Urban

2020-10-27  John Muyamba

RUCA registers independent candidate for Rundu Urban
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RUNDU – The Rundu Urban Community Association (Ruca) has registered its preferred candidate Marcelius Mukuve to run for Rundu Urban constituency office as an independent candidate as the law only allows political parties to run for regional office but not associations.
Ruca is a new association formed in March this year and is gearing up to contest the upcoming elections next month. 
The association is advocating for change in land delivery, water provision for informal settlement residents as well as upgrading and constructing new roads.

“The core mission is to bring about change in Rundu Urban,” said the association’s spokesperson, Marcelius Haivera. 
The regional council and local authority elections will be held on 25 November. 
“We have registered our candidate as an independent candidate because by law, associations can’t register or partake in regional council elections, only political parties are allowed to,” Haivera said.

“So since we have our candidate Marcelius Mukuve who we are going to support, we decided to push him in as an independent candidate to represents our needs as an association. He is going to save Rundu from the status quo, he is currently a farmer after he resigned from the teaching profession,” he added.  

Haivera reiterated that the association is not attached to any political party nor has it been politically influenced.
“We have been approached by various political parties but have rejected them, like I said last time, our people are from various political parties who joined hands with a mission to bring change to Rundu Urban constituency and Rundu town council,” he noted.
“We are prepared, we have our list of candidates who are going to stand in the upcoming local authority elections and it’s a combination of men and women, youths,” said Haivera, an executive member of Ruca. 

According to Haivera, Ruca is an association formed by members of the Rundu community who have identified the plights of people living in Rundu and collectively want to bring change.
“Ruca comprises of community activists who have worked with communities within Rundu for many years and have experience in community development committees.” he said. – 

2020-10-27  John Muyamba

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