• October 21st, 2020

Ryan's corner - Brave Warriors: My heart, my pride

Hi everyone, welcome back to my weekly column Ryan’s Corner. It has been a few good days, as I had time to rest during the international football break. The break gave me a bit of time to recover and be well prepared to return to action this weekend. 
As I said, the past couple of days have been great and our beloved Brave Warriors of Namibia are one of the reasons my days were superb. Namibia’s courageous performance against South Africa inspired me and many Namibians across the world; I was so proud to watch the boys confidently go about their business and showing everyone what the Brave Warriors are truly made of.

Even though the match ended in a 1-all draw, that result means a lot to the team and to the country where football has not been played for almost 11 months now. It is an important result in many aspects and one such aspect is the fact that it will place Namibia on the right path, heading into the various upcoming qualifiers.

Seeing the boys playing their hearts out the way that they did, I could not help but wish I was part of the occasion to help my team where I can. But I hope next month I can come down and join the team as Namibia prepares for the coming qualifiers.
Away from football matters, it is with a heavy heart that I express my dismay and condemnation against the senseless sexual and gender-based violence against our women. I have been following events around the protests of the #ShutItAllDown movement – and I must say I was deeply touched by the suffering our women. 

It’s time for us, as a country, to relook into our ways of life and how we treat our women and children. It’s really sad that we are still protesting and debating about women rights in the year 2020. It’s sad and embarrassing. I pray for justice for all women going through suffering and equally pray that we change as a country for the sake of the future generations. Stay safe out there and be blessed, guys. Until next time, see you all on the other side of the corner!

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2020-10-16 09:01:22 | 5 days ago

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