• October 21st, 2020

Ryan's corner - I’m back!

Ryan Nyambe

Let me start by saying ‘Hi everyone’, especially to my fellow Namibians; it has been a while without penning my favourite weekly column, Ryan’s Corner, but I’m back now and I hope to meet you all here every Friday. 
I hope everyone is good and keeping healthy during these very tough times of Covid-19. I, myself, from this end of the world have been keeping safe and applying all necessary precautions. The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed changed a lot of things the world over and adapting to the changes has been crazy for all of us.  On a much positive note, we, here in the English Championship, returned to playing football a few months ago and it has all been very positive thus far. But it has not been the same without the fans filling up stadiums and cheering us on. Without our beloved fans, we, as players, really miss that little edge of adrenaline and nervous pressure that gets you excited for the games and that makes the games even more exciting.

Also, I miss my home country, Namibia, too. I was planning to visit but due to Covid-19, I was unfortunately forced to cancel my trip. However, all hope is not lost because there are international qualifiers in November and that will hopefully grant me an opportunity to come home and play for our beloved Brave Warriors. Speaking of my home country, I have to use this opportunity to congratulate and say how proud I am of my fellow Namibian footballers such as Peter Shalulile, Deon Hotto and Ananias Junior Gebhardt – to mention a few of them. You guys are making us all proud and are going the extra mile to put Namibia on the map. 
And, oh, guys, I’m also in the process of establishing a brand, so stay tuned and be on the lookout for it!
 Until next week, see you all on the other side of the corner!

Staff Reporter
2020-09-25 11:09:14 | 26 days ago

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