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Opinion - Sam’s journey to Namibia’s heart

2020-09-21  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Sam’s journey to Namibia’s heart

Brian Gonteb  and Usko Shivute

Namibia; who is she, who is this girl…, no, not a girl anymore, she has come of age; she is a young lady, running about thirty years now – three million kids; she knows things – but as things go, she has been through a lot in her young life. 
Ae, must we now discuss this? Ok, you see, up to now, she has only known married men – in fact, three up to now. 
At the moment, she is talking to a guy who came, “Hage”, also married. 
The one before him, Hifike, ah, just a gentleman – one of these intellectuals-always looking worried for other people’s problems, mathematical theorems and so forth, omes, don’t do that; it’s too much. 

But he came to his senses and went back to his marital home.  I don’t know how Namibia keeps attracting only married guys. 
This thing seemingly started with a certain Sam – and those who know apparently also know, amongst others, and so on that this thing is still on but leave it there – the first cut is the deepest type of situation I am forced to gather, but what do I know?
However, before we continue, friends, it is important: Romans 13 verse 1 “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God”. 

All Praise be to the Creator God the Father, and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and the Holy One that he leaves for us to, judge us and give us counsel for our discernment, Jesus. 
Ok, now Sam was already in involvement with Kovambo; it was these arranged traditional marriages, but he loved her from the go anyway so there were no issues, he is but a man, is she not a woman, she-goodness-why not, come on. I know these type of guys, they tend to love when they love you know, its difficult man. 

But Sam as it always is with any young man, that he starts to grabble with the why question, why, please why must I, Sam be limited to but only one woman, do I not also have the appetite of a smiling young lion, a beast of his domain and so on, of course, we must understand, he only developed this notion after he caught a glimpse of this young thing Namibia-og ne- this was at the mall in Walvis, the time he was working there at the railways. But he got her number that day. 

Namibia, she is curvature, balance, semblance, thinking about this, this, makes me such that I don’t agree inwardly, just no agreement, at this point, no man; go see yourself, let’s not now get excited over other guy’s issues. No chief, Sam was done, moment their eye connected, it is still not clear which eye met which first, but she rewired the guy complete, same time chief, its love man, it has a way that it just does that thing to you, I know. She and her beauty that he so deeply craved, now threatened his whole world view, his equilibrium and inner man, deep stuff chief. As to the question, if Sam had any views at the time for as to why that is in nature that young bull does the sniff/whiff to his sister cow, what abomination is this, is there anything to be learned from this, I wonder. 

Even I can attest that I, as a hunter, laid my eye bare at this young thing, Namibia, but that is of no consequence in our dissertation.  Ae man, those days of UNAM, Prof. Hangula used to assert- “man is mortal, Hangula is a man, Hangula is mortal”, these are the lions that frighten me at night, and I pray my reasoning never fail me, and should it, I forbid, lions implore me that I, return to Unam with the demand and understanding that they reimburse me my tuition that our late parents paid with their hard-earned cash, just in case, should my reasoning fail.  I must therefore always try, but thus far Prof, I find no problem.
If allowed, I would like to make mention of the fact that there is opinion in some quarters that we do not let the efforts, sacrifices, pain, loss, blood, sweat and labour, hard decisions of our forbearers go to waste at the hands of tribalism and her sister greed, tender money, baseless out of alignment-perversions of politicking, self-importance, misplaced pride, disrespect of elders-cultureless-ness, the selfie/ love of self, loss of general appetite for humility, custom, etc.
That God found a way finally to get Namibia to freedom through Sam and the whole crew-none or anyone excluded, not even opposition left out. All the leaders that made sensibly notable strides and impressions in lives of all Namibians is a feat, chief, these things make me feel personal and lonely, come on, why must young men slander elder men in Parliament, and media, are we trying to prove a point that defeats its devices, forgetting these guys brought to bear freedom and liberation-their CV shows, as for us, let’s see. But slander chief please; is this a reasonable, good and healthy example to the younger, is it trickery perhaps, will they not, in turn, do this to you in your old age when at the least you need respect-that is not wise discourse. 

Why must I now kama walk behind Sam and other elders to now kama find dirt on what they may or may not have done or not did in the interest of my freedom, etse, what is this logic, that I will be so free today as to slander and disrespect, instead of listening to their reasoning and learning how to run things when they are no more, now we must watch action in Parliament plus now corona on top-this is what ambition does, when you don’t accept your purpose that God builds you for, you are in constant competition for other’s domain. 

Ok, in the hind side, it indicates achievement, on the part of Liberation crew, in that it was exactly what these cats had in mind that their kind also gets a chance to participate in the lawmaking process, whiles they are alive, so they indeed are witnessing their handiwork-what can I say-who am I, so ok.
Now with Hage, this enigma needs to be understood, well in a class of his own. 
Hage has a track record, let’s think bra, let us all throw our ultimate support behind him, until the next elections-we work according to democratic principles-elections to select leaders as enshrined in our beautiful Constitution. Hage must have had a vision, planning, this is why he likes them young if they are to be his life companion. 

His wife is a role model, it is beautiful, beauty and her beast. We must keep our Bible and Lord Jesus Christ, His Holy Ghost as a compass, the fight is long over, those years when we started rebuilding, in the 90’s we said, Unity in Diversity. 
May the name of our Lord Jesus, who powers transcend time and space always be with each one of us. Selah, until we talk again.

2020-09-21  Staff Reporter

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