• August 12th, 2020

Sanjo appeals to alumni, donors to plough back

BUKALO - Sanjo Secondary School in Katima Rural Constituency yesterday made an impassioned appeal to its former learners and other education stakeholders to support an ongoing fund-raising initiative to restore its infrastructure that is crumbling at an alarming rate and putting its learners at risk.

The fact that the school was built in the 70s and has rarely received a maintenance budget has taken a heavy toll on its very foundations with cracks criss-crossing its floors, paint peeling off its cracked walls, ceilings carved in, its windows shattered and several of its doors long unhinged. The school’s toilets are in a mess, making it unsuitable for learning.

Cognisant of the country’s economic hardships, which have left many institutions starved of funds due to severe cost-cutting measures, this school with 398 learners intends to raise a modest N$850 000 to renovate its battered infrastructure through donations and a gala dinner planned for Friday.
Raymond Simaimbula, a teacher at the school who is tasked with its public relations, said Friday will be a very momentous day at Sanjo Secondary School, as a reunion for its alumni and an open fund-raiser will start at 10h00 to be capped by a gala dinner.

To renovate 12 classroom blocks, the school, whose classrooms have neither been renovated since 1975 nor received a lick of paint on its fading walls, needs N$1 million.

Former learners have already started contributing N$500 each and they will fork out another N$500 for a ticket to the gala dinner while various institutions and State-owned Enterprises are expected to support the initiative through donations. They could also pay N$6 000 for a table of six of their staff members to represent them at the gala dinner.

“Less than 20 percent of our alumni have so far responded positively, but we have so much hope that we will hit our target and even more...  I just want to also urge everyone that ‘one person plants a tree but others will enjoy the fruits and the shed it provides. So, let us plough back and show the significance of a life achieved,” stated an upbeat Simaimbula. He was quick to add, “In terms of donations, may I state that no gift is too small for us. We will accept any kind of donations in any way, be it in kind of materials or any amount as long as one feels like they are ploughing back to the community. This is before or on the actual day.

“All well-meaning Namibians and even from far and near countries can come and help as they endeavour to plough back to the community,” he said in reference to potential donors such as the former President Hifikepunye Pohamba. 

In the past, Pohamba has generously and selflessly opened his wallet to worthy education causes such as building hostels for needy learners, particularly in under-resourced rural areas.

“Sofar we can safely say the huge amount of contribution has come from current teachers and the current learners’ parents. The project was initiated by former learners, class of 1994, who are saying they have gathered themselves and will be here on that very day with their contributions. To grace the event, our patron and former minister of health Dr Richard Kamwi, together with our guest of honour Dr Martha Namundjebo Tilahun will attend. Other people in attendance will be our two former ministers of education arts and culture Honourable Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, who is currently serving as a member of parliament and Dr David Namwandi our  former education minister and the founder of the International University of Management (IUM),” said Simaimbula.

He also appealed to the thousands of people who will be heading to the Zambezi region to attend the annual Bwikuhane Bwetu the annual cultural event of the Masubia people in the Zambezi region and who inhabit parts of Zambia and Botswana to make a detour and support the fund-raising event.

“Lastly, my appeal to all foreign embassies and diplomatic missions, NGOs, financial institutions. Please come on board for this is a national project to foster a better and quality education in the interest of a Namibian child both current and future,” said Simaimbula, who together with other teachers and the school’s principal are in full force to ensure the fundraising event and the gala dinner are a resounding success.

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