• September 24th, 2020

Sanlam promises payment in 7 hours  

Insurance giant Sanlam on Friday announced they are now able to pay funeral and savings claims within only seven working hours. This the company says has been a long-term goal lined with one of the company’s strategic objective of putting their clients first. 
Speaking through a press statement this morning, Sanlam General Manager for Brand and People, Evans Simataa said; “As an organisation, we are always looking for ways to be responsive to the needs of our clients. We understand the reason they take out insurance and we want to serve them as quickly as possible.” 

Simataa pointed out, however, that for the company to pay out claims within seven hours, the claimant needs to submit all the relevant documents at once. “We have enabled our systems and staff to process payments in this short time but we can only do that when we have all the relevant documents. Without the proper documents submitted, the process can be slow, however, on our side, we are ready and can make the payments within seven working hours. 

Simataa pointed out that Sanlam has been able to make payments in seven hours for about two months now, but that the team wanted to have all the checks and balances in place and adequately test the system before announcing it to the public. “We are confident that in these challenging times we all find ourselves in, we are still able to offer exceptional services to our clients and believe this will be something that our clients and potential clients will be happy with,” Simataa added 

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2020-08-11 14:32:16 | 1 months ago

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