• July 20th, 2019
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Save our girls and end violence against women

Namibia has been deeply impacted by inequality through its history, primarily through the inequality that was prevalent before independence. It is therefore very saddening that the human rights for which we fought for in gaining independence are now being blatantly ignored by society, specifically men with no respect or regard for women. Our newspapers are littered regularly with stories of abuse and killings. Social media is always abuzz with news of the latest domestic altercation with women being the victim more times than men. In Namibia, many women have fought side by side with their male counterparts for the liberation of this country. They shed blood, they duelled, they were very participatory. In fact, if not for the involvement of women, such as the late Anna Mungunda, Rosalia Nghidinwa and others, many more lives and activities of the liberation struggle fighters would have been lost. While performing these tasks, they also served as mothers, caregivers and succour to many liberation struggles. This denigration of women in our society is therefore an evil that must be stamped out. Our women must be accorded the respect they deserve. Women shelters and programmes must be given support to help the women who have undergone abuse of any kind. These services go a long way in revitalising and granting these victims hope to continue forging on with their destinies. Our youth, especially the men, should be instilled with respect for the fairer sex at a young age. They must be taught that women are first and foremost human, and should have that knowledge that any diversion from this thought is inhumane and barbaric and cannot be condoned. Youth and community leadership, from the grass roots, must look at ways to mitigate this evil. They must look at ways to ensure this condescension is uprooted in entirety. A nation’s gross domestic product may rise, a society may generate wealth and communities may see a rise in income, yet women experience little actual change to their lives. Therefore, for the sake of development, in keeping with the ideals of human rights preservation, we must ensure that women emerge as leaders and agents. We all as Namibians must focus on the concerns of women that are ignored such as domestic violence, girl child education, working conditions of women, crèche facilities, maternal and child help programmes and female literacy. This is not to undermine current efforts, but rather to bolster them and call out more input from the general populace. They are critical in the eradication of poverty, therefore they should no longer be sidelined as in a patriarchal society, but given what they justly deserve, the equal opportunity, to make Namibia great. Together we can make a difference. Save our girls. * Rev. J A Scholtz Lüderitz
New Era Reporter
2018-02-23 09:47:35 1 years ago

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