• July 14th, 2020

Schools Basketball League kicks off

WINDHOEK - The Namibia Basketball School League (NBSL) kicked off with several matches on display, attracting teams from local public primary and high schools comprising of players from as young as 9-year old competing in the Under-11 division while 18-year olds played in the Underr-19 age category, in Windhoek last weekend.

There were also league matches scheduled in the U14 and U16 age groups that saw players, coaches and officials all flocked to Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS) to witness the kids enjoy the game of basketball.

League Director Malakia Matias said: “The league was started last year and has fast grown since, with more teams and players taking part this year. The idea of the league is to provide a platform for proper competitive basketball for the players, and also for them to showcase their skills to scouting coaches to potentially be part of varying national teams.”

The Namibian Basketball Federation (NBF) runs the NBSL in Windhoek annually until October. An award ceremony is held for crowning of winners once all four-age groups have finished their respective leagues. 

These age divisions are; U11 (mixed teams), U14 (boys and girls team), U16 (boys and girls teams and U19 (boys and girls teams). For more info log onto their Facebook page at Namibian Basketball Federation-NBF or email Matias @namibianbasketball.com for queries.

The full results reads as follows:
Gammams Primary School U14 Boys 20:0 People’s Primary School U14 
Windhoek International U19 Boys 53:14 Academia Secondary U19 Boys
DHPS Team B U16 Boys 38:36 Concordia College U16 
Boys Immanuel Shifidi U19 Boys 85:40 St. Georges U19 Boys 
DHPS Team A U11 Mixed 19:4 Highlands Christian School U11 
Mixed Windhoek International Team C U11 Mixed 20:0 Gammams Primary U11 
Mixed Jakob Marengo U16 Boys 20:0 Immanuel Shifidi U16 Boys 
Windhoek International Team A U11 Mixed 20:0 Windhoek International Team B U11 Mixed DHPS U16 Girls 20:0 Immanuel Shifidi U16 Girls 

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