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Self-taught artist credits TikTok

2022-05-06  Staff Reporter

Self-taught artist credits TikTok
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   Rose-Mary Haufiku


Cia Liswani, unlike the average TikTok enthusiast, actually learned something from the wildly popular social media app.

Almost everyone is on TikTok nowadays. However, most people only use it to have fun, watch videos and produce their own, and not everyone actually looks at the content as useful other than to entertain. 

The video-focused social networking service owned by Chinese company ByteDance Ltd hosts a variety of short-form user videos, from genres like pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes, dance and entertainment, with durations from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. 

In September 2021, TikTok reported one billion monthly active users worldwide.

The 25-year-old began crafting personalised key chains, earrings, necklaces and bracelets using resin and glue with customers’ names or initials about two years ago. Resin is a synthetic organic polymer that can be solid or liquid, and is used to make plastics, adhesives, varnishes and other items.

Liswani stated that she has always had creative hands and wanted to provide something new to the market, something handcrafted. Her business was inspired by a video she saw on TikTok of a girl from another country producing similar things, which is why she decided to give it a shot.

When asked how she crafts her personalised key chains, Liswani explained that she first colours the resin and then moulds it into various letters or initials, based on the customer’s preference.

“Resin art is a unique painting style where you do not use typical brushes or acrylic or oil paints. It’s considered advanced painting for the new age creative crowd. The unique materials involved in the creation of resin art differentiate ordinary artists from resin artists,” she told VIBEZ!.

The self-taught artist said her long-term goal is to reach a larger market and have her items sold across the country.

Her advice to the youth: “Be creative, be innovative and explore your passion. Your passion can sometimes become your livelihood. There are so many positive ways of making a living, which can minimise the stress of unemployment.”


2022-05-06  Staff Reporter

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