• April 20th, 2019
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Senior citizens experience nostalgia with vintage car drive


Francois Lottering Around 70 senior citizens from various old age homes in the city were treated on Saturday with a trip in vintage cars by members of Old Wheelers Club of Namibia. The outing took the senior citizens through a scenic route west of Windhoek before returning back to the Old Wheelers clubhouse in Olympia, where they were spoilt with tea and cake served by members and their spouses. Chairman of the Old Wheelers, Steve Hirst welcomed the visitors to the clubhouse and shared some information about the Old Wheelers operations and projects. Among the projects are a museum that is currently under construction. The Museum will house various cars, that will be rotated to ensure a variety of cars will be on display. Hirst himself is the owner of various vintage cars, among them a Jaguar Mark 2 and a Land Rover station wagon, both dating back to 1962. He told New Era that he is the second owner of the Mark 2, that is still in its original state. Some of the cars used dating back many years ago like the 1956 red and white Austin Metropolitan and the 1938 Chevrolet Fleetline. This drive brought back good memories as Aunty Kitty Radyn - from Oude Rust Old Age Home, told New Era. Comparing the technology then and now is way to much to comprehend as Aunty Radyn explained as she was one of three that was transported in a 2018 Jaguar XF. Back then there was hardly - if any - safety features in the cars unlike today where cars have airbags, ABS, and drivers assistance safety measurers to mention but a few. Back then it was only “an automobile” with the sole purpose of going to town, church or visit friends, with little or no real luxuries and comfort one of the passenger narrated to New Era. The event is part of the various social responsibilities of the Old Wheelers Club members. Other services rendered by the owners is hiring out their vehicles for various occasions like weddings and matric farwells. He club started off as far back as 1986 and is today a fully internationally recognised vintage club.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-15 09:33:49 1 years ago

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