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Sensei, Vikta Juiceboy grabs KFC 50/50 prize

2020-12-07  Aletta Shikololo

Sensei, Vikta Juiceboy grabs KFC 50/50 prize
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KFC Namibia 50/50 prize was won by Local artists Sensei and Vikta juice boy.
The prize included a performance and a privilege to record a song with the multi-award-winning artist, Gazza.
The concept of the show was derived from the song ‘50/50’ by the late South African Kwaito star, Mandoza.
The show has the same concept trailed in Botswana and Lesotho, each country showcasing their respective music talent with an established local artist as a mentor.

 After a night of mesmerising performances, two singing sensations Sensei and Vikta Juice boy won the singing battle against six other participants.
The show took place earlier last month; however, the prizes were announced this week by KFC brand manager Henriette Crouse.

Over the past two weeks, the winning duo has been recording their song and music video with the current artist of the decade. 
“This song is the official track for KFC Namibia by Namibians for Namibians to love and play over and over and over again,” said Crouse.

“The energy was amazing and the artists brought their A-game and showed Namibians that we have raw talent fit enough to blow off any roof,” Crouse stated in the press release.
Some elite influencers thought leaders, music talent peers and media were invited to a “secret” event at the Brewers market in Windhoek, which gave them insight into the genius execution of an underground marketing drive from KFC were shown. “We found out that this secretive business had been happening right under our noses for the past six weeks already. Talented musicians in Namibia were invited to a secret Facebook group, Let’s Go 50/50,” said KFC South Africa’s master planner Shayna Elcott.

According to the press release, the 50/50 concept will be continued in KFC restaurants for the duration of the Festive Season. 
“Every day in December, if you buy at KFC, you can purchase an item of the day for 50% less than the normal price – KFC’s way of giving back to all its customers,” it states.

2020-12-07  Aletta Shikololo

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